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    Apple Introduces AI-Driven Enhancements for iOS 18 and More

    Apple is about announce new AI features at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today! Read for details.
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    Apple is all set to announce new AI features at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10.

    Apple released updates for iOS 17.5, MacOS 14.5, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs just before the highly-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC.

    Starting today, this event is expected to showcase how AI can enhance everyday consumer products like iPhone and Mac as also widely used apps.

    The new AI features, called “Apple Intelligence,” will include an OpenAI-powered chatbot and other useful tools like:

    • Summaries for webpages, meetings, and missed notifications – This feature will help users quickly catch up on important information without reading everything.
    • A revamped Siri that can control apps more precisely – Siri will be able to perform more specific tasks within apps, making it more valuable and efficient.
    • Transcription for Voice Memos – This feature will convert voice recordings into text, making reviewing and sharing notes easier.
    • Image enhancement in the Photos app – Users can improve the quality of their photos with advanced AI-powered tools.
    • Prompt replies to text messages—This feature allows users to quickly generate relevant responses to messages, saving time and effort.
    • Automated Email sorting—AI will help organize your emails into specific categories. This makes it easier to manage and find your important messages quickly.
    • The ability to create custom emoji characters as you type — Users can generate unique emoji characters representing phrases or words as they are typed.

    Apple aims to make these AI features more privacy-focused by using on-device processing with the Neural Engine in newer devices. Some features will require Apple’s A17 Pro or M-series chips.

    When cloud processing is used, Apple promises that user information won’t be sold or used to build user profiles.

    Unlike Microsoft and Google, Apple’s new AI features will be opt-in by default, meaning users must enable them manually.

    In addition to AI, Apple will also introduce other updates like –

    • Reworked Control Center and Settings apps – These updates will provide a more user-friendly and organized interface for managing device settings.
    • Emoji responses and RCS messaging support in the Messages app – Users can respond to messages with emojis and enjoy enhanced messaging features with RCS support.
    • A standalone password manager app – This app will help users securely store and manage their passwords.
    • Calculator for the iPad – Finally, iPad users will get a dedicated calculator app for their devices.

    No new hardware announcements are expected at the event, but some Macs are due for updates with M3 or M4 chips.

    You can watch the WWDC keynote on Apple’s developer website and YouTube channel on June 10 at 10 AM PT (10:30 PM IST).

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