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    Apple releases updates for iOS 17.5, MacOS 14.5, Apple Watches, Apple TVs and more!

    Apple releases security updates for its devices. Read to know in details!
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    Apple unleashed updates for iOS 17.5, MacOS 14.5, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. These updates launched just before the highly-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC to be held on June 10th, where we can expect a glimpse into the future of Apple’s software with announcements like iOS 18 and macOS 15.

    A significant addition is the new Cross-Platform Tracking Protection. This feature should provide protection to the users from unwanted tracking by unknown Bluetooth devices, regardless of the OS the trackers are using.

    This should prevent AirTag stalking and extend protections to a wider range of Bluetooth devices.

    Apple News+ subscribers are now been introduced to “Quartiles,” a new word game.

    This taps into the growing trend of news organizations using games to attract their users and retain them. But that’s not all. Apple News+ now allows users to track their gameplay stats and compete with friends and families.

    Additionally, both the Today+ and News+ tabs can be accessed offline, providing valuable content even without an internet connection.

    As with all major updates, security is paramount. All the updates released today include a collection of security patches, ensuring your devices remain protected against potential vulnerabilities.

    Apple hasn’t left behind users with older iPhones, iPads, and Macs. While they won’t receive the full suite of features, Apple released security-only updates for these devices, keeping them safe and up-to-date.

    These updates are likely the last major releases before WWDC. The conference is where Apple traditionally unveils its next-generation operating systems.

    This year’s updates are expected to focus heavily on AI features. Rumors suggest there can be additional enhancements to Siri, potentially incorporating capabilities similar to the popular ChatGPT language model.

    This can improve Siri’s ability to understand natural language and provide more helpful responses.

    Overall, Apple’s pre-WWDC updates prioritize user privacy and security while offering a taste of upcoming features with the new game in Apple News+. With the focus on AI at WWDC just around the corner, the future of Apple’s software appears to be brimming with exciting possibilities.

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