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    Best 10 AI Video Generators and Video Editing Tools for 2024!

    Here are the top 10 AI Video Generators and Video Editing Tools for 2024. Check these out!
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    If you are looking for a good video editing and automatic video-creating tool for your content, here are the top ten sorted tools, including several AI voiceovers, to make your endeavor effortless.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these tools, particularly those enabling video creation using generative AI, should help you streamline your workflow and make unique content.

    Read through and choose the best AI video editing and video-creating tool that suits your purpose and preferences.

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    The Best AI Video Generators and Video Editing Tools

    Here are the top ten video editing and automatic video-generating AI tools to make your work easy.

    1. Haiper


    Pricing: Free, just need to have a Google or Discord account to log in.

    Haiper is a comparatively new AI tool in video generation created by the company that created DeepMind, TikTok, and other academic research labs.

    Haiper is user-friendly and powerful and leverages cutting-edge AI technology that combines with a fun and collaborative creative community.

    Haiper offers an exciting glimpse into the future of AI-powered creative tools. It can create videos with simple prompts, animate static pictures, and repaint existing videos.


    • Haiper is user-friendly.
    • Haiper claims to be built on a cutting-edge foundation, offering high-quality video generation.
    • The team prioritizes fun, surprising, and shareable creations, aiming to empower users to unleash their creativity.
    • It can animate static images, enhancing the video quality significantly.
    • It allows you to repaint and edit images to give them a new look.
    • Haiper emphasizes building a community of creators, fostering collaboration and growth.
    • The tool is designed to be useful across various industries, making it a versatile creative option and a top choice for those seeking a comprehensive AI video editing software solution.


    • As a new tool, Haiper has yet to bring developments and changes.
    • Lacks accuracy after updates.
    • As with all AI video generation, there are potential ethical considerations around creating misleading content.
    • Some users have issues saving to the gallery automatically.

    2. Synthesia



    Free Version

    Starter: $22/mo

    Creator: $67/mo

    Enterprise: Custom Pricing

    Synthesia is a cutting-edge platform that leverages AI to transform video content creation. It’s designed to be a user-friendly solution for users to generate studio-quality videos quickly and efficiently. Here’s how it works:

    You can create your video with your script or generate one using AI, even from a link or a document. The platform can assist in crafting the script to fit your video’s purpose.

    Synthesia allows you to customize your video with various AI avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages, making your content accessible and engaging for a global audience.

    The tool offers a wide range of over 160 AI avatars that you can use to present your content.

    You can turn boring texts into AI videos with impressive voiceovers in multiple languages with a single click.

    Synthesia’s AI video editor enables you to create and edit videos without any prior need for editing skills or other additional equipment. It simplifies the video-making process. It also allows you to animate videos and add images, background music, and easy and smooth transitions effortlessly.


    • Synthesia offers over 161 AI avatars and gives options to create your own AI avatar, establishing itself as one of the best AI studios for personalized video creation.
    • Synthesia takes just one click to turn text into engaging videos.
    • Compared to traditional video production involving actors, studios, and editing, using an AI video tool like Synthesia can be significantly cheaper.
    • You can create multilingual videos with Synthesia, catering to a broader audience and leveraging AI video tools for seamless content creation.
    • Synthesia allows you to easily produce many videos without significant additional time or resources.
    • You can also embed your videos to your favorite tools, LXP, LMPS, and so on, making the video creation process more integrated.


    The avatars, powered by deep brain AI, are impressive, but they might not achieve the level of realism required for every project. Emotions conveyed by custom AI avatars might be less convincing.

    The free plan offers basic features, such as creating initial video clips. A paid subscription requires more customization options, like custom avatars and longer videos.

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    Image Credit


    Free Version

    Pro: $16 per member per month

    Business: $ 50 per member per month

    While Kapwing doesn’t generate videos from scratch like some AI tools, it offers a robust suite of features and this makes creating and editing videos surprisingly accessible.

    Kapwing can create quick, engaging videos for presentations, social media, or simple explainer videos, showcasing its effectiveness as a free-to-use AI video maker.

    The interface is user-friendly, and the free plan has usable features, making it an easy-to-use platform for creating videos using AI and allowing users to upload your brand for a personalized touch.

    Moreover, cloud-based accessibility makes it a great option for beginners, amateur content creators or educators, referring to its designation as one of the best AI video software for easy access and sharing.

    However, for professional video editing requiring extensive customization and advanced features, you might consider exploring more powerful video editing software.


    • Kapwing offers a clean and intuitive interface that makes the work easy for beginners.
    • No prior editing experience is necessary to use the tool.
    • Easy to insert elements like text, images, and audio in your video. You can drag and drop them onto the timeline.
    • The free plan allows users to create and edit videos, although with limited video length and a watermark, making it a tool for video users to choose to test the waters.
    • Kapwing offers tools for basic trimming, cropping, adding subtitles, resizing images, and even creating memes and GIFs.
    • No software downloads are required. You can access Kapwing from any web browser, making it convenient for collaborative projects and one of the more user-friendly tools on the market for video editing experience.


    • Kapwing is not a full-fledged video editor. For complex editing tasks requiring advanced features like color correction or multi-track editing, you might need to explore more professional software.
    • The free plan limits video export to 7 minutes and adds a Kapwing watermark, making it a starter option for users looking for free to use AI video maker tools. A paid subscription can remove the watermark and export longer videos.
    • While Kapwing offers various templates and tools, its overall customization options might be less extensive than those of professional editing software.
    • With a slow internet connection, Kapwing might experience glitches or lag during editing, which can impact the user experience.

    4. Renderforest



    Free Version

    Lite Version: $ 14.99 pm

    Business: $ 34.99

    Pro Version: $ 29.99 pm

    The next on the list is Renderforest. It is another popular online video creation platform that caters to a wide range of users, from newbies to pros, emphasizing the use cases of free AI video production tools.

    Renderforest can be a good choice for creating professional-looking and engaging videos quickly and easily.

    The user-friendly tool provides a vast template library with many customization options. These options can be used for presentations, social media content, educational videos, and more.

    However, if you need complete creative control and unlimited project creation or want to enjoy some advanced editing features, you might need to subscribe to Renderforest.


    • Renderforest boasts many pre-made video templates in various categories, such as explainers, promos, intros, and social media videos.
    • Similar to Kapwing, Renderforest prioritizes ease of use. The drag-and-drop editing and intuitive interface make it accessible for creators without editing experience to engage in the video creation process.
    • While using templates, you can still personalize your video by adding text, images, music, and voiceovers.
    • Beyond video creation, Renderforest offers other design tools like creating logos, social media graphics, and presentations, demonstrating its versatility in video creation and editing.


    • The free plan has limitations on video length, resolution, and the number of projects you can create. Uploading your media is also restricted in the free tier.
    • While templates offer a great starting point, heavy reliance on them might lead to videos looking similar to others created with the same template.
    • For more complex functionalities like animation or advanced editing, there might be a bit of a learning curve to master those features.
    • The free plan exports videos with a Renderforest watermark, which can distract some viewers.

    5. PixVerse



    Free version: Limited videos per month

    Pro plans: Starting at $12 per month for individuals

    Business plans: Custom pricing for teams

    Pixverse offers a unique blend of accessibility and creative potential.

    Pixverse is an easy and free-to-use video editing and video-making tool.

    Plenty of style options make it a good, innovative platform for exploring creative ideas and generating unique video content.

    However, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations regarding control, editability factors, and potential variations in output quality.

    Traditional video editing software might still be better for projects requiring precise control or extensive editing.


    • Pixverse allows you to generate videos from scratch using text descriptions. Describe your vision, and the AI transforms your words into a video.
    • Pixverse operates in a beta phase, offering its core features entirely free. This is a major advantage, especially for beginners or those on a budget, making it an easy to use option among the ai video editing software tools on the market.
    • You can access Pixverse through a web browser or their Discord server, adding a layer of flexibility to your workflow.
    • Pixverse offers the ability to generate videos in different styles, including realistic, anime, and 3D animation, utilizing ai video tools for diverse content creation. This allows you to tailor the video’s aesthetic to your specific project.
    • Pixverse caters to a broader audience by supporting various languages for text prompts.


    • As a relatively new platform, Pixverse might still be under development, potentially lacking some features or functionalities compared to other AI video generators.
    • While providing text descriptions for video scripts, you might have less control over the final video than traditional video editing software.
    • The quality of the generated videos can vary depending on the complexity of your prompt and the current capabilities of the AI model.
    • Currently, Pixverse might not offer extensive editing options after the AI generates the video.

    6. Colossyan



    Starter: $19

    Pro: $61

    Enterprise: Custom pricing for teams

    The following AI video creator on the tool for video creation list is Colossyan, a standout in AI video generation software.

    The tool offers many features for creators seeking a balance between automation and control.

    Colossyan is a powerful tool for creators who want more than just basic AI-generated videos.

    The tool offers advanced customization options, multilingual support, and unique features like side-profile avatars.

    However, the cost might be a barrier for some, and the learning curve for mastering its features should be considered.

    Traditional video production might still be the better choice if you prioritize absolute creative control over voice and delivery.

    But for those seeking a balance between automation and customization in creating high-quality, engaging video content, Colossyan is worth exploring.


    • Compared to some AI video generators, Colossyan allows for greater customization of your video content. You can tailor the script, avatar actions, and even facial expressions for a more realistic product
    • A unique feature of Colossyan is the ability to use side-profile avatars.
    • Colossyan supports various languages for both voice and text-to-speech generation, making it a versatile tool to help you create content that reaches a global audience.
    • Beyond the provided avatar library, Colossyan allows you to upload your own images to create a custom avatar that closely resembles a natural person, offering users a high degree of customization in the editing process.
    • For businesses and organizations, Colossyan offers brand kit management features. This helps maintain brand consistency by ensuring elements like colors, fonts, and logos are easily applied across all your video projects, leveraging AI video tools for a cohesive brand identity.


    • Colossyan’s pricing might be higher than some competitors. While there’s no free plan, a limited trial might be available to test the platform.
    • While Colossyan is user-friendly, the customization options might require some exploration and practice to master fully.
    • Although Colossyan offers voice customization, you might have less control over the voice’s intonation and emotional delivery than recording a human voiceover.
    • As with any relatively new platform, Colossyan may still be in development and encounter occasional bugs or limitations.
    • Similar to all AI video generation tools, responsible use is crucial to avoid creating misleading or deceptive content.

    7. Peech


    Free Version

    Starter: $34 per user per month

    Advanced: $79 per user per month

    Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Peech is another good video editing tool that leverages AI to streamline content creation.

    It can be beneficial for specifically marketing purposes of teams and content creators who must efficiently produce a vast volume of high-quality video content.

    The tool provides AI-powered editing, content-creating features, and various customization options.

    This makes it a time-saving and cost-effective solution. Here are the pros and cons of Peech:


    • Peech automatically reduces tedious editing tasks. You can edit your video content as well as transcribe it.
    • It automatically generates subtitles with highlighted keywords.
    • Peech excels at repurposing existing video content. You can easily create different video formats for various social media platforms, and present the localized versions for international audiences.
    • Peech allows you to integrate your brand elements like logos and colors into the generated videos, ensuring consistency across your content.
    • Compared to traditional video editing, which can be expensive and time-consuming, Peech, with its AI voiceover feature, can help you produce high-quality content at a lower cost.
    • Peech makes it easy to create a large volume of video content quickly, perfect for content creators and marketing teams with a high demand for video assets.


    • Peech automates editing tasks so that you may require highly creative or intricate editing styles.
    • The accuracy of AI-generated edits & transcripts might not always be perfect.
    • Peech can edit existing videos effortlessly, but compared to generating videos.
    • The free plan offers basic features with limited functionalities, imposing a cap on minutes of video per month but still providing valuable tools for AI video creation. For more options, you need to subscribe.

    8. Visla


    Pricing: Free Version

    Premium: $24 per month

    Visla can make your video editing and video creation smooth and effortless. It is a user-friendly platform that leverages AI to streamline video creation.

    Visla can create high-quality videos, especially with its AI features.

    The user-friendly interface, decent free plan, and storytelling focus make it an easy contender for newbies, social media content creators, or small businesses that need to produce regular video content.

    However, suppose you want complete creative control over every detail. In that case, advanced editing capabilities, AI-generated visuals, other video creation tools, or a paid subscription to Visla might be more suitable.


    • Visla automatically generates a script based on your ideas or outlining key points. It also assists you in editing tasks, saving you time and effort, marking it as a user-friendly AI video software.
    • Similar to Renderforest and Kapwing, Visla prioritizes a user-friendly interface. The tool does not require prior editing experience.
    • Visla offers a vast range of video templates and styles that allow you to create content for various purposes, such as sales, marketing, or social media. You can also customize with your logos, footage, and music.
    • Compared to other AI video creation tools, Visla allows up to 50 minutes of monthly video publishing, making it an excellent option to try out the platform.
    • Visla goes beyond editing by incorporating AI features to enhance the storytelling perspective of your video. This can help you craft a clear and engaging narrative.


    • While impressive, the generated content might not always match your vision. This highlights the limitations and potential of using AI in video creation, a common trait in AI video generation software. You may need to fine-tune or rewrite portions of the video scripts.
    • Visla doesn’t currently offer built-in AI image generation. You’ll need to source your images or videos to complement the script.
    • The AI processing for script generation and editing can take some time, especially for longer videos.
    • As with all AI tools, some privacy concerns surround how Visla stores and processes user data. It’s important to review the platform’s privacy policy before using it to create video content.

    9. Hour One


    Pricing: Free Version

    Lite Version: $ 25 pm

    Business: $ 95

    Enterprise: Custom

    Are you looking for a way to create engaging videos quickly and easily? Hour One offers an AI-powered solution focusing on script-driven video generation and brand consistency.

    Hour One is a user-friendly platform for creating quick, script-driven videos on brand consistency.

    The affordable pricing, the option to purchase extra minutes, multilingual support, and the option to create video from text make it an attractive choice for many creators.

    However, if your top priorities are hyper-realistic AI avatars and extensive video editing capabilities, you might want to explore other options.


    • Hour One can generate a video in minutes. This can be ideal for creating videos for social media, explainer content, or presentations.
    • It allows you to use your brand color palette within the platform, ensuring all your videos maintain a consistent visual identity.
    • Hour One offers tiered pricing plans with the option to purchase additional video minutes if needed.
    • Hour One offers over 30 AI presenters for your content.
    • It allows you to create videos in 19 languages, catering to a global audience.
    • Hour One lets you generate images directly within the editor, saving time and effort.


    Customization options are focused on the script & brand colors, with limited control over visuals beyond the chosen template.

    The platform is new and lacks some advanced features.



    Pricing: Free

    Basic: $23 per month

    Advanced: $100 per month

    Enterprise: Custom offers a user-friendly platform for creating text-to-video content with AI presenters.

    The platform is a promising solution for creating AI-powered videos with lots of customization and accessibility.

    It allows you to create custom avatars and supports a wide range of languages, making it an attractive option.

    However, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks, such as lip-syncing issues and editor performance, especially if you require high-quality, polished videos.


    • Elai offers four ways to create custom avatars – selfie, studio footage, photo, or even an animated mascot for a high degree of personalization in your videos.
    • It creates videos in over 65 languages, showcasing the capabilities of generative AI in video production.
    • Optimize your video for different platforms using various aspect ratios – horizontal, square, vertical.
    • You can save time by using pre-designed templates as a starting point for your video project, which is a frequently asked question topic for many beginners in video editing.
    • The number of slides in your video is not limited, which can be helpful for presentations or complex content.


    • Some reviewers have reported challenges with lip-syncing accuracy in their video clips, which can affect the overall quality of the video.
    • The tool can sometimes be slow and have glitches within the editor.

    Closing Thoughts

    So, there you have it! The top ten AI video editing and automatic video-generating tools for making your content-creating task easy.

    If you have further queries, ask us in the comments section below.

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