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    DuckDuckGo’s Browser Goes Private: Encrypted Syncing Without the Account Hassle

    Duckduck Go browser Introduces Sync & Backup feature. Read for details!
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    DuckDuckGo’s browser recently added a new feature called “Sync & Backup”. This new feature allows users to securely sync their bookmarks, passwords, settings, and other data across different devices without compromising their privacy.

    This new feature is a significant step forward for the browser, bringing it closer to feature parity with mainstream options like Chrome and Firefox.

    What’s New about DuckDuckGo’s Browser?

    Privacy-Focused Syncing

    End-to-end encryption – Your data is encrypted on your devices before being sent to other devices, and DuckDuckGo never sees the decryption key or your data itself.

    No account required – You don’t need to create an account or sign in to use the feature.

    Local key generation – The encryption key is generated and stored only on your devices, further enhancing data security.

    Backup and restore – You can back up your data to a local file for safekeeping and restore it to other devices if needed.

    Cross-platform compatibility – The feature works across different desktop and mobile platforms where the DuckDuckGo browser is available.

    What’s Missing in DuckDuckGo’s Browser?

    While this new feature is impressive, DuckDuckGo’s browser still lacks one major feature compared to mainstream browsers: tab syncing.

    This means you can’t sync open tabs across devices, which can be a dealbreaker for some users who heavily rely on this functionality.

    DuckDuckGo’s browser is making strides towards offering a competitive browsing experience while prioritizing user privacy.

    The new Sync & Backup feature is a welcome addition, but the lack of tab syncing might still hold back some users.

    DuckDuckGo’s focus on privacy may appeal to users who are concerned about online tracking and data collection by other browsers.

    The browser continues to add new features and functionalities, so it’s worth keeping an eye on future updates.

    Whether the lack of tab syncing is a dealbreaker depends on your individual needs and browsing habits.

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