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    Galaxy Buds 3 leak reveals AirPods-inspired design

    Here are the speculations for Samsung Galaxy Buds 3!
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    Samsung Galaxy Buds 3’s new leaks show a sleek, modern design.

    The new buds have much longer stems than the previous “bean” shape.

    The charging case is also rumored to have a new design, with a vertical layout and a transparent lid for a futuristic touch. However, in terms of aesthetics, it resembles Apple’s AirPods.

    These stems of the earbuds are said to give users better sound control.

    The Galaxy Buds 3 is expected to have a significant noise cancellation system and better sound quality.

    Samsung’s official apps have even featured graphics of the new Galaxy Buds 3 in question, which hints at its forthcoming launch.

    While Samsung has not officially announced anything yet, speculation is that it may unveil the Galaxy Buds 3 in early July this year.

    Samsung seems to have a fresh design direction with the Galaxy Buds 3, aiming to make it one of the best wireless earbuds available.

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    The Key Features Of Galaxy Buds 3

    The rumored key features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 include:

    • The Galaxy Buds 3 are expected to have a modern, sleek design with longer stems, similar to Apple’s AirPods.
    • The charging case is also said to feature a vertical layout with a transparent lid.
    • The new Galaxy Buds 3 is expected to have better audio quality.
    • For an immersive sound experience, active noise cancellation is expected to be included.
    • Its speculative that the Galaxy bUds 3 will compete for competitive playtime.
    • The longer bud stems is expected to have touch-sensitive controls for playback, volume adjustment, and calls.
    • While not confirmed, insiders speculate that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy Buds 3 in July during its summer Unpacked event.

    How do Galaxy Buds 3 compare to other earbuds like Apple’s AirPods Pro?

    Here is the comparison between the rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 with Apple’s AirPods Pro  –

    • The design of Galaxy Buds 3 is sleek and modern, with longer stems, similar to AirPods.
    • The AirPods Pro has a distinctive stem design that is compact and recognizable.
    • Galaxy Buds 3 is expected to have sound improvements, but details are speculative.
    • AirPods Pro is known for excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation.
    • Galaxy Buds 3  has touch-sensitive controls on extended stems.
    • AirPods Pro possesses gesture-based controls via stems.
    • Both aim for competitive battery life, but specifics aren’t confirmed.

    Since the official details may vary, you must stay tuned for updates!

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