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    Google Chrome to Limit Ad Blockers Starting June 2024

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    Google has announced to limit the functionality of ad blockers on Chrome browsers from June 2024.

    The company says the change is necessary for security and privacy purposes, but critics argue that it is an attempt to protect Google’s advertising business.

    What is Manifest V3?

    The change is part of Google’s transition to Manifest V3, a new set of rules for the Google Chrome extensions.

    Manifest V3 is designed to be more secure than the current Manifest V2.

    It also includes restrictions that will make it more difficult for ad blockers to work effectively.

    How will V3 affect ad blockers?

    Under Manifest V3, ad blockers will no longer be able to use specific techniques currently used to block ads.

    These techniques include using custom filters & updating blocklists on demand.

    Instead, the ad blockers will have to rely on some limited tools Google provides.

    What are the implications of the change?

    The change to Manifest V3 will likely impact ad blockers’ effectiveness significantly.

    Some experts have predicted that adblockers may be able to work around some of the limitations of Manifest V3, but they will not be as effective as they are today.

    What are the reactions to the change?

    The change to Manifest V3 has been met with mixed reactions. Some people support the change, arguing that it is necessary to improve security and performance.

    Others are concerned that the change will give Google too much control over what ads users see.

    What does this mean for the future of ad blocking?

    It is too early to say the long-term impact of the change to Manifest V3.

    However, the change will have a significant impact on the way that ad blockers work.

    Ad blockers may become less effective or need to find new ways to block ads.

    The change to Manifest V3 is not just about ad blockers. It is part of a broader effort by Google to improve the security and performance of its Chrome browser.

    Google has said it is committed to working with ad blockers to find solutions for everyone.

    The change to Manifest V3 will likely be a significant talking point in the online advertising industry in the coming months.

    The change to Manifest V3 is a significant change that will significantly impact how ad blockers work.

    It is too early to say what the long-term implications of the change will be, but it is a major development in the online advertising industry.

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