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    Google’s Flagship Pixel 8 Can’t Handle Its Own Latest Tech

    Google's newest phone AI, Gemini Nano, surprisingly won't work on the regular Pixel 8!
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    Google recently revealed some surprising news that has angered many Pixel 8 users.

    Their newest AI feature, Gemini Nano, designed explicitly for on-device smartphone processing, won’t be available on the standard Pixel 8.

    This is a significant blow, considering Google heavily marketed the Pixel 8 series as the forefront of smartphone AI.

    Google dropped this news in a wrap-up video spotted by Mishaal Rahman.


    Google claims “hardware limitations” prevent Gemini Nano from running on the Pixel 8. However, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro use the same Google Tensor 3 chip, the key to on-device AI advancements.

    The main differences between the phones are screen size, battery life, camera setup, and RAM (8GB for Pixel 8, 12GB for Pro).

    While RAM could be a factor, Gemini Nano runs on the Samsung S24 series, whose base model also has 8GB. This inconsistency raises questions about Google’s explanation and suggests potential software or hardware optimizations in the Pixel 8 Pro that are private.

    During the Pixel 8 launch event five months ago, Google heavily emphasized AI as a core selling point.

    They boasted about the Tensor 3 chip bringing “unbelievably helpful experiences that no other phone can.” Their marketing implied both Pixel 8 models would benefit from these cutting-edge AI features.

    Google’s “Compare” page for the Pixel 8 models does not mention any differences in AI capabilities or the Tensor chips.

    This lack of clear communication at launch makes customers feel misled, especially those who opted for the standard Pixel 8, under the impression they were getting the latest in AI technology.

    Concerns About Future Updates: With Google already citing limitations for the Pixel 8 just a few months after release, some users worry this is a sign of things to come.

    They fear the standard Pixel 8 might be left behind regarding future AI advancements, potentially limiting the phone’s lifespan and value.

    Google’s handling of the Gemini Nano situation has confused and frustrated many Pixel 8 users.

     The need for clearer communication and the limitations placed on the standard Pixel 8 raise questions about Google’s marketing practices and commitment to providing equal experiences across their flagship line.

    Even though Google advertised the Pixel 8 as great for AI, a new super-smart AI feature called Gemini Nano won’t work on the regular Pixel 8, only the more expensive Pro version.

    This isn’t very clear because both phones have the same main chip.

    Some people might not care about this new AI feature, but it’s frustrating because Google didn’t explain this clearly at launch and it’s only been five months. Some worry this means the regular Pixel 8 won’t get future AI features either.

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