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    How Long Do MacBooks Last?

    Want to know the lifespan of your Macbook? Then go through this detailed guide to know how long do MacBooks last
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    MacBooks are known for their longevity and durability.

    Generally, a MacBook can last 5 to 8 years, but some can even last for more years if properly cared for.

    The lifespan of a MacBook depends on several factors. If you want to know these in detail, read this article.

    Factors responsible for the long durability of Macbook

    Various factors affect the lifespan of a Macbook. These are discussed below:

    1)   Model of the MacBook

    Some MacBook models are more durable than others.

    For example, the new Apple Silicon MacBooks can tackle demanding tasks, like color grading, up to 2x faster and effects rendering up to 6x faster than the older Intel-based MacBooks.

    If you are on the latest Apple chips, you can hold onto your devices for longer, as it will continue to get software updates for longer. Moreover, the apps will be optimized for Apple Silicon, meaning you will continue to get the latest app updates as well.

    The material with which your MacBook is made is essential to consider the durability factor of the device.

    MacBooks are generally made from high-quality materials, such as aluminium and glass. These materials are strong and resistant to damage.

    2)   Engineering

    Starting in 2018, Apple moved to CNC machining the iPhones and Macbook Pros in order to achieve slimmer designs. CNC machining allowed them to create sleek, seamless aluminium chassis for the Macbooks, which became a trademark design aesthetic for this lineup.

    By CNC machining the chassis instead of conventional milling, Apple can fit the new SOC along with other components inside the chassis without wasting any space. This engineering technique increases the durability of the Apple products significantly.

    3)   Design

    MacBooks have a rugged design that can withstand bumps & knocks. Features like unibody aluminium enclosures and precise engineering contribute to their overall sturdiness. They also have a spill-resistant keyboard to protect the internal components from water or liquid damage.

    However, it’s important to note that design and durability can vary between different MacBook models. For instance, the Air line prioritizes thinness and portability over ruggedness, while the Pro lineup is designed for more robust use cases.

    4)   Battery


    Apple has been consistently taking leaps in improving the battery life in its laptops over the years, and newer models tend to offer longer battery life compared to older ones. The new Macbooks are all rated for over 15 hours of usage in a single charge.

    You can also check the Battery Health in Settings. You get regular usage reports, with apps that use significant battery. Once the battery health drops below 70%, you can get the battery replaced, or buy a new device altogether.

    5)   Regular Software Updates

    Apple releases regular updates to the software on MacBooks. These updates often include security patches to protect your laptop from malware.

    The three latest macOS versions support MacBooks. If you have a 7-year-old or newer MacBook, it should be able to run the latest version of macOS.

    MacBooks that support macOS Ventura (released October 2022): MacBook Pro 2017 or later, MacBook Air 2018 or later, and MacBook 2017.

    MacBooks that support macOS Monterey (released October 2021): MacBook Pro 2015 or later, MacBook Air 2015 or later, and MacBook 2016 or later.

    MacBooks that support macOS Big Sur (released November 2020): MacBook Pro late 2013 or later, MacBook Air 2013 or later, and MacBook 2015 or later.

    If you are unsure which macOS version your MacBook is running, go to the Apple menu and select “About This Mac.” The macOS version will be listed under “Operating System”.


    If you are running an older version of MacOS, update it to the latest version by going to the App Store and searching for “macOS.” The latest macOS version will be listed at the top of the results.

    6)   The Way you use your MacBook

    Using your MacBook for graphics-intensive tasks, such as video editing or gaming, will wear out faster than using it for lighter tasks, such as web browsing and email.

    Essentially, you do not want to put your Macbook under persistent loads if it is not designed for it. Rendering 4K and 8K videos on your Macbook Air will wear it out faster. Even on Macbook Pros, you want sufficient resources before running simultaneous multiple 8K ProRes renders.

    7)   The way you care for your MacBook

    It will last longer if you take good care of your MacBook by regularly cleaning it and keeping it free of dust.

    Apple is known for its commitment to quality. So, MacBooks are built to last & are backed by a one-year warranty.

    Of course, no laptop is indestructible. MacBooks can still be damaged if dropped, spilled on, or exposed to extreme conditions.

    However, they are generally more durable than other laptops on the market.

    Some tips for extending the lifespan of your MacBook:

    You can extend the life of your Mac by following these basic tips:

    • Back up your data regularly. This way, you won’t lose your important files if your MacBook fails.
    • Keep your MacBook dry and clean. Dust & dirt can damage the internal components of your MacBook.
    • Avoid drops and spills. Liquids or water can damage your MacBook’s hardware.
    • Update your software regularly. Software updates generally include security patches to protect your MacBook from malware.
    • Replace your battery when it starts wearing out. A worn-out battery will make your MacBook run slower & die more quickly.

    If you follow these tips, your MacBook should last many years.

    Some additional things to consider when determining The durability of your MacBook  

    Here are some factors you should consider while determining how long your MacBook is going to last

    ●    The operating system

    Apple has typically supported its macOS operating system for about seven years on a Macbook. This means that a MacBook that is 7 years old or older may not be able to run the latest version of macOS.

    ●    The availability of parts

    As MacBooks get older, finding replacement parts may become more difficult. If it breaks down, repairing your MacBook could be more expensive or difficult.

    ●    Budget

    If you are on a tight budget, you can consider buying a used MacBook. However, be sure to inspect it carefully before you buy it to ensure it is in good condition.

    Signs that your Macbook needs a replacement

    When you see the following signs on your Macbook, you should be alert that they need a replacement:

    ●    The MacBook can’t run the latest macOS version

    As discussed above, Apple only supports the three latest macOS versions.

    If your MacBook is much older, it may be unable to run the latest MacOS version. So, you need to replace it with the latest version.

    ●    The MacBook’s battery life has significantly decreased

    MacBook batteries generally last for about 500 charge cycles.

    Once your MacBook’s battery reaches 80% of its original capacity, it starts warning out. If your MacBook’s battery life has significantly decreased, you must replace it.

    ●    The MacBook is slow and unresponsive.

    If your MacBook is becoming slow & unresponsive, it may be time to upgrade. This could be due to a number of factors, like outdated software, lack of hard drive space, or a faulty component.

    ●    MacBook is damaged

    If your MacBook is damaged by water spillage, a fall, or some other physical event, it may be time to replace it.

    Even if the damage doesn’t seem too severe, it could lead to further problems down the road.

    ●    Lack of features or performance

    If you’re using your MacBook for demanding tasks, like video editing or gaming, and it’s not keeping up, you may need to upgrade to a more powerful model.

    Closing Thoughts

    Overall, while the average lifespan of a MacBook is generally good, how long it lasts depends on your usage habits and the specific model. With proper care and optimization, you can make the most of your MacBook.

    So, if you take good care of it and follow the tips above, you can expect your Macbook to last for many years to come. If you have further doubts ask us in the comments section below.

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