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    Microsoft Tool Banishes Mysterious HP Printer Ghost in Windows PCs

    Mysterious HP Printer Ghost? Microsoft's New Tool Is the Ultimate Ghostbuster for Windows Users! Read for details.
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    Microsoft has released a handy tool to exorcise unwanted HP printer installations from Windows 10 and 11 machines.

    These spectral printers, typically HP LaserJet M101-M106 models, mysteriously materialised on affected PCs, causing confusion and disrupting printing workflows.

    While the fix is welcome, the culprit behind this printer poltergeist remains elusive.

    Microsoft hasn’t revealed the source of the problem, but they’ve assured users it wasn’t HP’s fault. Perhaps a mischievous software gremlin snuck into a Windows update?

    The “December 2023 Microsoft Printer Metadata Troubleshooter Tool” banishes these phantom printers with a few clicks. It targets the spectral HP LaserJet models, leaving your printer setup untouched. So, if you find an uninvited HP guest in your printer list, download the tool and send it packing!

    While basic printing shouldn’t be affected, if your printer relies on an external app for extra features, you might need to run the tool or manually uninstall and reinstall your actual printer to restore full functionality.

    This is a quick fix for a frustrating issue, but Microsoft will soon unveil the reason behind these phantom printers to prevent them from haunting PCs.

    So, download the tool, remove the unwanted HP printer, and get back to printing with peace of mind!

    The tool is available for all affected Windows versions.

    Microsoft hasn’t estimated when a permanent fix will be implemented through automatic updates.

    Some users have reported minor printing issues after using the tool, but these seem to be resolved by reinstalling the printer driver.

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