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    New Hori Gamepad for Steam Set to Launch

    Steam is getting an official controller. But this time, the Japanese peripheral maker Hori is makng it! Read for details.
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    Nearly five years later, Steam is about to get a new official controller. But this time, Valve is not making it – instead, Japanese peripheral maker Hori is launching the Wireless Horipad for Steam.

    The Wireless Horipad features a traditional gamepad design with twin analog sticks, a D-pad, and face buttons, unlike the original Steam Controller, which had unusual trackpads.

    It includes some Steam Deck-inspired elements like menu buttons and touch sensors on the sticks.

    The Wireless Horipad lacks some features of the Steam Deck, such as rumble, back buttons, and signature trackpads. It connects via Bluetooth or USB-C and offers extensive customization options through Hori’s software.

    The controller will launch in Japan for around $50 in four color variants – black, white, neon yellow, and violet. Its availability outside Japan remains uncertain at this time.

    Features of Horipad

    • Horipad is a PC-centric controller similar to Steam Deck’s menu buttons.
    • The Controller has touch sensors on the top of the sticks. This activates the gyro controls.
    • It supports USC type C wired connections and Bluetooth wireless connections with an entire bunch of custom programs.
    • It is compatible with Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch consoles.
    • Horipad is available in four colors: white, black, violet, and neon.

    This new officially licensed Steam controller marks Valve’s return to the gamepad market, though they have partnered with Hori rather than developing it themselves.

    The new controller is expected to launch in Japan by October 31 and be available in four colors: white, black, violet, and neon. The price is said to be about $50 or ¥ $7,980.

    There has been no official announcement yet about when the Steampad will be available in the US market, but it resembles the Horipad Pro, which is already available for XBox consoles.


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