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    This Week In Tech! August 07, 2023

    This series dives deeper into a wide range of tech news with expert analyses and thought-provoking opinions.
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    Hey there! See what’s happening in the tech world this week.

    Reddit Wins After Months of Fighting


    Reddit is searching for new moderators to replace those who got removed for getting involved in the API protests. 

    The company has posted to various subreddits asking for new volunteers, but users are expressing concern that the fresh mods will be as experienced and knowledgeable as their predecessors.

    More than 8,000 subreddits joined the protest in private. 

    A Google executive said that the protest was so significant that it made the search results worse in a private meeting.

    Reddit has now changed its decision to charge for API access, but some concessions have been made to the moderators. They will provide the moderators free access to the API.  

    It is still too early to say if these recent changes to Reddit’s API will have any impact on the platform. However, for now, it seems that the company has won the battle.

    Meta Caves to The EU Demands 


    Meta has agreed to ask Facebook and Instagram users in the European Union for consent before it targets them with personalized ads. 

    Meta previously had a long battle with the EU privacy regulators, claiming that it does not need any consent to collect and use user data for targeted advertisements. 

    This new policy will come into effect from October 2023. The EU Users will now be able to opt in or out of personalized advertising just by clicking a yes or no button.

    Meta claims that this very change is not going to have any impact on its services.

    This news shows that the largest tech companies can also be held accountable for their data collection practices. 

    Now we are to see how the new policy affects Meta’s bottom line. However,  from the news, it is clear that Meta is now pressurized to respect the users’ privacy in the EU.

    WhatsApp Pink Scam Surfaces Across India


    Be extra cautious if you are a WhatsApp user because scammers are now trying to lure users with a fake Pink version of the app.

    They are circulating a message through WhatsApp claiming an update that will change the color of WhatsApp and promises to offer a number of new features, more privacy options, etc.

    However, it is a fishing attempt, and the app is malicious. Once the users fall into the trap, the scammers can get remote access to the users’ devices and their personal information.

    The Mumbai Police in India has warned Whatsapp users about this scam and urged them to be vigilant and not to download any such app or click on any suspicious link received through Whatsapp.

    The Mumbai police tweeted: “WHATSAPP PINK – A Red Alert For Android Users”

    You can contact WhatsApp’s customer support team in case of any further doubts or queries.

    Instagram’s Latest Feature – Download Reels 


    Good news for Instagram users!  Instagram head Adam Mosseri has finally announced the reel download feature initially for US-based users.

    Previously, users had to rely upon third-party apps to download reels from Instagram. 

    Now Instagram users can download and share the reels on other social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp.

    Instagram clearly stated that only the reels from the public account can be downloaded.

    Public account holders can enable or disable this downloading option. Instagram has not made it clear yet whether those downloaded relles will have any watermark like TikTok. To avoid the watermark, the users can also download the reels from their drafts.

    Microsoft Offers Xbox Repair and Replacement Parts


    Microsoft has recently launched a store where you can buy half a dozen Xbox repair and replacement parts for the Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

    Each controller includes top cases along with button replacement sets. It also provides circuit boards for input, vibration, charging, and sockets. 

    Microsoft is also providing video and written guides to help you repair the controllers all by yourself.

    Microsoft kept the prices of the parts reasonable  to make the offer lucrative

    The store offers parts for both the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the standard Xbox Wireless Controller.

    The parts include top cases, button replacement sets, and circuit boards.

    Microsoft is also providing written and video guides to help you repair your controller.

    The prices for the parts are reasonable, starting at $35 for the drift-fixing Replacement PCBA and Motor Assembly. 

    The store is surely a welcome addition for game enthusiasts who can now repair their controllers instead of spending on new ones.

    Microsoft Is Shutting Down the Cortana App in Windows 10 and 11 


    Microsoft is working to shut down its standalone Cortana app for Windows 10 and 11 versions. 

    Cortona is expected to stop working this month, and Microsoft is pointing its users towards using Windows Copilot and ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat instead.

    Some users have already reported that Cortona has stopped working after a Windows update.

    Microsoft says the users who rely on Cortona can use the voice access feature in Windows 11 as an alternative.

    The shutdown of the dedicated app shows Microsoft’s declining interest in the virtual assistant. 

    Now it is a matter of time before Bing Chat and Windows Copilot become more successful than Cortana. 

    Closing Thoughts

    That’s all this week on the latest trends and developments in the tech world.

    Stay with us for more such tech-related news and happenings around the Globe to keep yourself up to date.

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