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    Weekend News Roundup  16.10.2023

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    1. Netflix to Bring Immersive Physical Stores to Life in 2025


    While Walmart and Best Buy are busy ending the era of physical disks, Netflix is moving the other way.

    The streaming giant is reportedly planning to open a series of brick-and-mortar retail stores in 2025, as reported by Bloomberg.

    The “Netflix Bites” will feature retail, dining, and live experiences.

    The Netflix House stores are expected to have rotating installations related to Netflix’s films and shows, as well as themed food & drink offerings.

    Netflix is one of many streaming companies to venture into the physical world.

    Disney witnessed great success with its theme parks & retail stores, and Warner Bros. recently opened a Studio Tour Hollywood attraction.

    However, Netflix’s approach is unique in that its stores focus on creating an immersive experience for fans rather than simply selling merchandise.

    2. X Locks Replies to The Verified Accounts Only

    X Locks Replies to The Verified Accounts

    X has announced a new feature allowing users to lock their posts’ replies to only comments from verified accounts.

    This new feature is available to all users, including those who have yet to subscribe to the paid Twitter Blue service.

    To lock the replies to a post, users must click on the three dots icon below the post and select the “Lock replies option.” Once locked, only verified accounts will be able to reply to the post.

    How widely X users will use this new feature remains to be seen. However, X continues experimenting with new ways to moderate its platform.

    3. Stream Deck Launches Paid App Store


    Elgato has introduced a new paid app store for its Stream Deck devices.

    The Stream Deck Marketplace lets users purchase & download third-party graphics, plugins, digital overlays, emotes, & digital audio effects.

    The marketplace features various content, including plugins for popular streaming software like OBS Studio and XSplit and plugins for specific games and applications.

    Users can also find graphics, overlays, emotes to customize their streams, and digital audio effects to enhance sound quality.

    4. Google Pixel 8 Pro Now Has Significantly Good Speakers


    The Pixel 8 Pro features a new speaker system that is significantly louder & clearer than the speakers on previous Pixel phones.

    The new speaker system produces more bass, which makes it ideal for listening to music and watching videos.

    The Pixel 8 Pro’s improved speakers are a welcome change for Google fans.

    The company’s previous Pixel phones have been criticized for their poor sound quality, so it is good to see that Google has finally addressed this issue.

    5. Microsoft Completes a $69 Billion Takeover

    Microsoft has completed its $69 billion takeover of Activision Blizzard, the maker of the popular video games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, & Candy Crush.

    The deal is the largest in the gaming industry & makes Microsoft the third-largest gaming company in the world, behind Tencent and Sony.

    Microsoft plans to keep Activision Blizzard’s games available on other platforms, such as PlayStation & Nintendo Switch.

    However, Microsoft will likely also use Activision Blizzard’s games to boost its gaming subscription service, Xbox Game Pass.

    The deal has been met with some concerns from regulators and consumer groups, who worry it could give Microsoft too much control over the gaming industry.

    However, Microsoft has said it is committed to working with regulators to address any concerns.

    6. Acer Unveils New 27-Inch Monitor with Glasses-Free 3D Screen and Headphones-Free 3D Audio

    27-Inch Monitor

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    Acer unveils the SpatialLabs View Pro 27, the new addition to its SpatialLabs product line.

    This 27-inch monitor features a glasses-free 3D screen & headphones-free 3D audio, making it a unique & immersive user experience.

    The SpatialLabs View Pro 27 uses a lenticular lens & eye-tracking infrared camera for a 3D view.

    The monitor also includes a 3D audio effect that uses AI & head-tracking to produce spatial audio projected from two 2.5-watt speakers.

    Acer claims that the audio effect will envelop users and make it sound like they’re wearing headphones.

    It is expected to come out in Q1 2024, and Acer has not disclosed pricing or minimum PC specs yet.

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