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    Weekly News Roundup 15.12.2023

    This series dives deeper into a wide range of tech news with expert analyses and thought-provoking opinions.
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    Here’s what’s happening in the tech work this week!

    1. Google’s Bids Farewell to Third-Party Tracking in 2024


    Following Apple’s 2020 lead, Google has announced the phase-out of these ubiquitous trackers, marking a significant shift in online privacy and advertising.

    While convenient for advertisers, third-party cookies have raised concerns about privacy and user control.

    Critics argue that they give companies excessive access to personal data, enabling intrusive tracking and manipulation.

    Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to develop alternative methods for targeted advertising that prioritize user privacy.

    These new methods will focus on on-device processing and aggregated data, limiting the sharing of individual user information.

    Websites that rely heavily on third-party cookie-based advertising may need to adjust their revenue models.

    This transition will likely be gradual, and the full impact of cookie-less advertising remains to be seen.

    However, this change represents a significant shift in the online landscape, and it will be interesting to see how both users and businesses adapt in the coming years.

    1. Graphic Upgrade, CPU Downgrade: Intel’s Meteor Lake Takes a Gamble


    Meteor Lake chips is a mixed bag, leaving many wondering if it’s a step forward or a step back.

    Intel claims up to twice the graphics performance of previous generations, potentially rivaling entry-level Nvidia RTX 3050 cards.

    This could be a boon for casual gamers and content creators who rely on integrated graphics.

    Meteor Lake incorporates a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) designed explicitly for AI tasks like image recognition and speech processing.

    Intel highlights Meteor Lake’s power efficiency, claiming it to be the company’s most power-efficient client processor yet.

    According to some benchmarks, Meteor Lake’s single-core performance needs to be revised to match that of its predecessor, Alder Lake.

    Meteor Lake chips are only available in laptops, with desktop versions only coming to all-in-one (AIO) computers and small form-factor PCs.

    Intel’s Meteor Lake chips are compelling for mobile users who prioritize graphics performance and power efficiency.

    1. Apple Opens Diagnostics Tool & iPhone 15, M2 Macs to Self Repair


    Users will now have access to Apple’s diagnostics tool to troubleshoot issues before investing in repairs.

    Additionally, including iPhone 15 and M2 Macs significantly expands the program’s reach, empowering more users to fix their own devices.

    Users can avoid the cost of Apple’s authorized repair services and find cheaper parts through independent repair providers.

    Increased DIY repair could lead to fewer devices being discarded due to minor issues, promoting environmental sustainability.

    Repairing Apple devices, especially M2 Macs, can be complex and require specific tools and knowledge.

    Access to genuine Apple parts and maintaining warranty coverage during DIY repairs could be challenges for some users.

    Increased DIY repairs could potentially impact authorized repair providers relying on Apple’s repair ecosystem.

    Apple’s Self Service Repair expansion is a positive step towards user empowerment and device longevity. However, it’s crucial to recognize the potential benefits and challenges of this program.

    1. Vivo’s X100 Pro Brings Photography Powerhouse to the World


    Vivo’s new flagship smartphones, X100 and X100 Pro, focus on improved camera lenses.

    X100 Pro boasts a large 1-inch main sensor (tuned for sharpness) and a 4.3x optical zoom telephoto compared to 2x on the X90 Pro.

    X100 has a smaller 1/1.49-inch sensor and 3x optical zoom telephoto, with Zeiss coatings but no floating element.

    Both phones have 50MP ultra-wide cameras and a secondary imaging chip (newer V3 in the Pro for 4K cinematic portrait video).

    Same 6.78-inch 120Hz OLED screen, Dimensity 9300 chipset, and IP68 rating for both.

    European pricing for X100 Pro is expected to be around €937, X100, around €702.

    Vivo seems to be doubling down on its big sensor strategy and improved lens quality for its high-end smartphones.

    Europe and Southeast Asia get to test the cameras against competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and potentially the upcoming S24 Ultra.

    1. Google Assistant’s Quick Phrases Land on Pixel Buds Pro: Say Goodbye to Button Tapping!


    Google has finally brought its Quick Phrases feature to the Pro buds, letting you seamlessly interact with Assistant without a single tap.

    Quick Phrases are voice commands to trigger specific actions with Assistant without saying the full “Hey Google” hot word.

    Imagine answering calls, silencing notifications, or even controlling your smart home devices – all with a quick, natural voice command.

    You can also customize your Quick Phrases. Besides, Quick Phrases let you manage everything with your voice, even while your hands are full.

    Google promises to roll out even more Quick Phrases in the future, expanding your voice control options.

    1. Instagram Reels, Move Over! Say Hello to Short Video Notes on Instagram


    Instagram is shaking things up again with a brand new feature called Video Notes. This exciting addition allows users to share short, looping video clips with their followers within the Direct Messages (DM) section.

    Video Notes are limited to just 2 seconds, keeping them short and snappy. Think of quick updates, funny moments, or behind-the-scenes glimpses.

    These mini-videos loop continuously, ensuring your message gets maximum exposure (without being annoying!).

    Video Notes are currently only visible to mutual followers or within Close Friends lists, adding a touch of intimacy to your sharing.

    There’s even more brewing! Instagram is testing a brand new feature that lets users choose who can reply to their Video Notes, offering the potential for even more tailored sharing experiences.

    Closing Thoughts

    Keep tuned with us for more tech-related news every week.

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