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    Pixel 8 Pro Reads Body Temps With a Swipe!

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    The Pixel 8 Pro is indeed equipped with a unique feature that allows it to measure body temperature by scanning your forehead.

    This capability was introduced as part of the January Pixel feature drop and has generated quite a buzz in the tech world.

    Here’s how it works-

    Infrared Sensor: The Pixel 8 Pro boasts an infrared sensor located near the rear camera. This sensor detects the infrared radiation emitted by your forehead, which correlates with your body temperature.

    Algorithm Magic: An advanced algorithm processes the collected data from the sensor and calculates your temperature within a range of 96.9°F – 104°F (36.1°C – 40°C). This accuracy is comparable to FDA-cleared temporal artery thermometers.

    Forehead Scan: To measure your temperature, open the pre-installed “Thermometer” app and select the “Body temperature” option. Then, follow the instructions to gently sweep the phone’s rear camera across your forehead, starting between your eyebrows and moving towards your hairline.

    Additional Features: The app displays your measured temperature and allows you to save it for future reference. You can integrate it with your Fitbit profile for further analysis and temperature tracking.

    While impressive, the Pixel 8 Pro’s body temperature feature is not meant for medical diagnosis or as a substitute for professional medical advice.

    The accuracy of the body temperature reading can be influenced by factors like recent exercise, environmental temperature, and the phone’s positioning during the scan.

    It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about your temperature or overall health.

    So, the Pixel 8 Pro’s body temperature reading capability is a welcome addition, offering a convenient and non-invasive way to monitor your health.

    However, it’s essential to remember its limitations and use it responsibly alongside responsible health practices.

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