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    Top 5 Docx Processing Apps For Mac

    From feature-rich word processors to versatile long form novel writing apps, we'll explore the best of the best docx processing apps for MacOS.
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    Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who deals with a plethora of documents regularly, having the proper set of tools can significantly impact your efficiency and organization. 

    For Mac users, the App Store offers a wide array of document processing applications, each promising to streamline your workflow and elevate your document management experience.

    If you are looking for some good DOCX processing apps for Mac, here are the top 5.

    The Best 5 Best DOCX Processing Apps For Mac

    Read about the top 5 DOCS processing apps for Mac we have sorted out for you, and then choose the one that suits you the best.

    Google Docs – Best docx processing app for Mac

    Google docs docx editor mac

    • Pricing: Free
    • Developer: Google

    Google Docs is a free Mac word processor for online editing and collaborative works. 

    It can share and work together with others on the same document and at the same time.

    You can get your work done anytime, even without the internet. To make the documents instantly editable, Google Docs allows importing them in Word, PDF, and Microsoft files.

    To track changes made in the document, unlimited version history is available so that you can undo anything anytime.

    Google Docs automatically saves your documents, so you do not need to worry about losing your work.


    • Create documents anywhere, anytime, and work even offline
    • Real-time collaboration with others
    • Extensive features, including templates, add-ons, and commenting
    • Share documents with your teammates, edit, add any action plan, or comment in real time
    • Edit and share multiple file types, including Microsoft Word files 
    • Frictionless collaborating experience irrespective of the applications the other teammates use
    • Additional features to the Google Workplace subscribers include working across devices, even offline, working in a single document with teammates or outside the company
    • Import documents to make them instantly editable, including Word, PDF, and Microsoft files.
    • Unlimited version history is available to track changes made in the document and undo anything anytime.


    • There is no option to embed videos from the device storage and in general
    • You cannot open two docs at once like you do on Safari Windows
    • Things like footnoting and bibliography generators are still missing

    Download Google Docs

    Pages – Best for designing professional documents

    Apple Pages mac document editor


    Pricing: Free for Apple users

    Developer: Apple

    Pages is one of the best word processors for Mac that focuses on creating stunning documents. It comes as an inbuilt app for all Apple devices.

    Pages allow real-time collaboration with your team members working from anywhere on Mac, iPhone, iPad, or PC. It provides many tools for customizing fonts, personalizing text styles, and adding graphics to the documents.

    The Pages app allows you to track changes, add highlights, and have threaded conversations with your teammates whenever and wherever needed.

    The app supports quick in-document translation for your convenience. While creating a document, you can jump across all your Apple devices.


        • There are plenty of tools that make it easy to customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add beautiful graphics.
        • Allows everyone collaborating to have access to the same features
        • Over 90 Apple-designed templates for customizing reports, letters, and documents are available
        • Track changes, add highlights, and have threaded conversations with the team
        • Livens up the text with images, videos, audio clips, equations, charts, and color gradients, more than 700 customizable shapes
        • The Pages app allows you to jump from Mac to iPhone or iPad and work across all your Apple devices
        • Quick in-document translation


    • You cannot open the Pages files on other apps.
    • The user base is limited.
    • It lacks some advanced features that Adobe Redesign and Microsoft Word have.
    • After new updates, you might need some time to get used to the interface.

    Get Pages

    IA Writer – Best for distraction-free writing

    IA Writer macOS document editor for long form, distraction-free writing

    Pricing: 14 days free trial. The MacOS app costs $49.99

    Developer: Nishi-Azabu

    IA Writer, developed by Nishi-Azabu in 2011, is a clean, straightforward word processor for Mac that focuses on writing and text editing.

    It is specifically designed for content creators and bloggers to provide a distraction-free writing environment.

    The inverted light-on-dark mode helps the writers to work day & night with ease.

    One of the unique features of IA Writer is that it supports Markdown – the lightweight markup language that can create consistent formatted text that is easy to read and share.

    You can quickly swap between documents from different Clouds without leaving the window.

    IA Writer is compatible with Windows and Mac products.


    • Minimalist design with a user-intuitive interface
    • Focus mode blocks distractions and focuses on the text only
    • Quick swap between the documents from different clouds without leaving the window
    • Inverted light-on-dark-mode to help the writers work day & night
    • Supports Markdown
    • Options to embed pictures, links, tables, text files in the text and preview them
    • Supports PDF, HTML, Markdown, and a wide variety of export options
    • With Family Sharing enabled, up to 6 family members can share the app


    • Lacks templates
    • Scarcity of advanced tools for arranging and organizing the files

    Download IA Writer

    Ulysses – Best for long-form writing and synchronization

    Ulysses long form content document editor

    Pricing: $49.99 for the Mac version or $5.99 per month

    Developer: The Soulmen – Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG

    Ulysses, named after the famous novel by James Joyce, is the ultimate writing app for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The interface is clean, easy to use, and available in over twenty languages.

    It provides a distraction-free writing experience to keep you in the flow. 

    The built-in grammar and style checks help to avoid mistakes. Ulysses supports Markdown and iCloud sync. It can reorganize and turn the text into Word documents, PDFs, eBooks, and blog posts.

    Be it your blog posts, essays, or Novels, Ulysses efficiently manages writing projects of all ambitions and sizes.


    • Tidy and user-friendly interface with ample features
    • Distraction-free environment to write
    • Built-in grammar and style checks to meet the right tone, avoiding mistakes
    • Supports Markdown and iCloud sync
    • Available in more than 20 languages
    • Offers suggestions for punctuation, capitalization, redundancy, semantics, style, and more
    • Turns the text into beautiful Word documents, eBooks, PDFs, and blog posts
    • Reorganizes the text with ease, dividing the long texts into handy chunks
    • Directly publish to WordPress, Medium, Ghost, and
    • Organize the texts in separate folders if you are working with various clients

    Cons source source

    • Only available for Apple devices
    • It does not provide much support for citations

    Download Ulysses

    WPS Office – Best Office Suite alternative

    WPS Office mac docx editor

    Pricing: Free

    Developer: Kingsoft Office

    WPS Office is a free office suite. It includes a word processor, presentation app, and spreadsheet. 

    The software is compatible with DOCX files and offers many features, including a grammar checker, a spelling checker, and the ability to track the changes made in the text. 

    PDF tools are for editing, scanning, notation, and converting the document. 

    WPS Office offers an extensive gallery of PDF, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Word templates. It supports Cloud Sync and dark mode.

    With WPS Office, you can skip backing up your documents, as it automatically backs everything up, and all the versions of the edited documents are available.


    • One-stop solution for document organizing, processing, and collaborating
    • Lightweight (less than 500 MB) and comes with an easy, task-focused UI design
    • PDF tools for editing, scanning, notation, and converting
    • A rich gallery of high-quality templates for PDF, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Word.
    • Supports Cloud Sync and is multiple device friendly
    • Auto backs up the documents, and all the versions of the edited documents are available
    • Supports dark mode and nearly all office file formats


    • Some users find the UI complicated
    • Limited compatibility with Microsoft Office files
    • Sometimes laggy with occasional bugs and crashes
    • The free version is ad-supported

    Download WPS Office

    Overview of the top 5 docx processing apps for Mac

    Here is a table comparing the features of the five apps:

    App Pricing Top Features Platforms  Export Formats
    Google Docs Free Create anywhere, anytime, works offline, real-time collaboration, templates, add-ons, and commenting.

    Share documents with teammates

    Web, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS PDF, Word, Markdown, HTML, OpenDocument
    Apple Pages Free Customize fonts, personalize text styles and graphics, collaborate to have access to the same features, templates for customizing reports, letters, and documents, track changes, add highlights, jump from Mac to iPhone or iPad, and work across all Apple devices

    quick in-document translation

    MacOS, iOS PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, Pages
    IA Writer 14 days trial, then $49.99 for MacOS app  Minimalist design,

    focus mode to block distractions, quick swap between the documents, inverted light-on-dark-mode,

    supports Markdown 

    options to embed pictures, links, tables, text files, and previews,

    supports PDF, HTML, 

    MacOS, iOS, iPad PDF, Markdown, HTML, Text
    Ulysses $49.99 for the Mac version Tidy and user-friendly interface, distraction-free environment, built-in grammar & style check, supports Markdown and iCloud sync, available in more than 20 languages,

    turns texts into documents, eBooks, PDFs, and blog posts,

    reorganizes the text, publishes to WordPress, Medium, Ghost, and

    MacOS, iOS, iPadOS PDF, Markdown, HTML, TextBundle
    WPS Office Free  Lightweight, easy, task-focused UI, PDF tools for editing, scanning, notation, and converting, templates for PDF, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Word, supports Cloud Sync, multiple device friendly, auto backs up the documents, supports dark mode.  Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT


    How To Choose The Best DOCX Processing App For Mac?

    There are many DOCX processing apps for Macs available in the market. Each of them has their pros and cons. 

    Here are some fundamental factors that you can consider when choosing a DOCX processing app for your Mac:

    • Price: First, consider your budget and what features you need to get the best value for your money.
    • Interface: Choose the software with an interface that you find easy to use. So, you can go for trials and then select.
    • Features: Each DOCX processing app offers a wide range of features for editing and collaboration. Consider what features you need for your work.
    • Compatibility: Check the compatibility with the file formats you use. Ensure the word processor you choose can open and save in the file formats you need.
    • Collaboration: Check the collaborating features if you need to collaborate with teammates and others. 

    After considering the above factors, start narrowing down your choices and then make a decision. 

    Wrapping Up

    Compare the features, budget, compatibility, and, most of all, what you need, and then choose the DOCS processing app for your Mac.

    Feel free to write to us in case of any doubt, and we shall revert soon. You are always welcome to share your ideas and thoughts on the topic and let us know which word processor you found the best.

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