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    How to Use Separate Focus Modes on iPhone and Apple Watch?

    Want to set Separate Focus Modes on iPhone and Apple Watch? Then follow this guide to know how to do it.
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    Introduced with iOS 15, Focus Modes on Apple devices help you to stay focused & concentrate on an activity you are at.

    The focus mode you set on your iPhone automatically syncs to that of your Apple watch and your Macbook.

    However, if you want to set different focus modes on the iPhone and Apple Watch, here is a detailed guide.

    Now read through this article to know it in detail.

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    Set Separate Focus Modes on the iPhone and Apple Watch

    Focus is a great way to stay focused and productive. It helps to reduce distractions and get more things done.

    Follow the methods below to know how to use separate focus modes for iPhones and Apple watches.

    1) Enable or Disable Focus on Apple Watch

    The Focus list shows the following options:

    Do Not Disturb





    • Open Settings on your Apple Watch and select Focus.


    • Turn off the Mirror My iPhone option.


    Now, you can set a different focus mode on your Apple Watch.

    2) Disable Focus Mode on iPhone

    You can turn off the Focus Mode on your iPhone from the Watch app. Here is how to do so:

    • Go to the Watch App on your iPhone.
    • Tap on the General tab.


    • Select Focus add toggle off the Mirror My iPhone option.


    Once the focus mode is disabled between the Apple Watch and iPhone, you can set different focus modes on the Apple Watch and iPhone.

    3) Set Different Focus Mode on Apple Watch  

    To set a different focus mode on the Apple Watch, follow these steps:

    • Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face to open the Control Center.
    • Tap on Focus.
    • The Control Center displays the Do Not Disturb option if no Focus is enabled.
    • To turn on a focus, you can choose from –


    On for 1 hour

    On until this evening/On until tomorrow morning

    On until I leave


    • If you want to disable a Focus, just tap on the option in the Control Center.

    When a Focus is active, its specific icon is displayed at the top of the watch face, next to Time in the apps section, and in the Control Center.

    4) Set Different Focus Mode on the iPhone

    To set a different focus mode on the iPhone, follow these steps:

    • Swipe down from the top right corner of the iPhone Home screen to open the Control Center.
    • Swipe from the bottom of the home screen for iPhones with a home button.
    • Tap on Focus Mode.
    • Select the Focus you want and enable it.

    5) Customize your own Focus on Apple Watch

    You can also create your own Focus. To do that, follow the steps explained below:

    • Open your Apple Watch settings and head to Focus.
    • Tap on the Add or Add new button.


    • Then select a Focus. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
    • For creating a custom focus, you can select an icon, a color, or a name to represent that.

    6) Set a custom focus on your iPhone

    To set a custom focus on your iPhone, follow these steps:

    • Open Settings and head to Focus.
    • Tap the Add button and select Custom or browse the additional options.
    • Add a name for your Focus. You can select a color icon for the Focus and then tap on the Next button.


    7) Select a Different Focus Watch Face 

    You can select a different face for the Watch display when a Focus is active.

    To select a different Watch face, follow these steps:

    • Open your iPhone Settings and select Focus.
    • Tap the Set Up option next to a Focus or create a new one.
    • Next, select Customize Focus, and tap on Choose under the Apple Watch image.
    • Choose a watch face and tap on Done.

    8) Schedule a Focus on Apple Watch 

    On your Apple Watch, you can schedule a Focus.

    That means you can select to have a Focus start at different times.

    For example, schedule the Work Focus to start at 10 AM till the afternoon on weekdays.

    From 4 PM in the afternoon, you can have a Personal Focus take over and so on.

    To do that, follow these steps:

    • Open Settings on your Apple Watch.
    • Tap on Focus and select a Focus.
    • Choose the Add new option.


    • Enter your preferred time in the From and To fields where the Focus starts and ends.


    • Next, scroll down and select the days you want the Focus to be active.
    • Save the Focus. Repeat the process if you want to add other events to the Focus.

    For example, the Work Focus screen shows the weekday schedule from 9 AM to 5 PM.

    9) Schedule a Focus on the iPhone

    To schedule a focus on iPhone, follow these steps:

    • Open iPhone Settings > Focus.
    • Select the Focus you want to schedule.
    • Tap on the Add Schedule option.
    • Select the Time and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.


    10) Add App Filters

    After you have set a focus on your iPhone, you can add the filters to determine what information the apps will display when the Focus is enabled.

    For that, follow these steps:

    • Open your iPhone Settings and head to Focus.
    • Scroll down to the focus filters option and select Add Filter.


    • Select an app and choose the information you want to see when you enable the Focus.
    • Select the Add option. When the Focus is enabled, you can also choose System Filters to turn on the Low Power Mode or Dark Mode.


    11) Turn on Time Sensitive Notifications on iPhone

    You can enable Time Sensitive Notifications after setting up a focus.

    This will allow people and the apps to send you notifications when the Focus is turned on. Here are the steps to do so:

    • Go to your iPhone Settings and select Focus.
    • Choose a Focus > Apps.
    • Enable the Time Sensitive Notifications.

    You can also allow preferred contacts to reach you in case of emergency.

    • To do that, select a contact from your contact list/
    • Tap on Edit > Ringtone > Enable the Emergency Bypass.
    • Select Done.


    12) Turn off or Delete a Focus 

    You can disable or delete a scheduled Focus following the steps given below:

    • To disable the Focus schedule, go to Settings on your Apple Watch.
    • Then tap on Focus> Select the specific Focus.
    • Tap on the schedule.
    • Next, scroll down and turn off the Enabled option.

    You can again turn on the Enabled option when you want the schedule active.

    • To delete a Focus scheduled, go to Settings > Focus.
    • Next, select the Focus.
    • Select the schedule you want to delete.
    • Scroll down & tap on the Delete option.

    Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

    1. Which is better, Focus or do not disturb?

    Focus is a much better option. You can schedule a focus based on Time, location, etc.

    2. Can I set multiple focus modes on my Apple watch?

    No, you cannot set multiple Focus modes on your Apple Watch.

    3. Does Focus mode block calls?

    No, Focus mode doesn’t block all calls. Calls from your emergency contacts are always turned on. It will not depend upon which Focus mode you are in. However, you can make a choice whether you want to allow calls or not for other contacts.

    Wrapping Up

    Send us feedback on how the above article helped you to set different Focus mods for your Apple Watch and iPhone.

    If you want further details, ask us in the comments section below.

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