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    Weekend Tech News 04.12.2023

    This series dives deeper into a wide range of tech news with expert analyses and thought-provoking opinions.
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    Here is what’s trending in the tech world this weekend!

    1. Steam Cuts Off Mojave: Farewell to 32-Bit Gaming on Older Macs


    Attention gamers on macOS Mojave! As of February 15th, 2024, Steam will officially drop support for your OS and its predecessor, High Sierra, as per the Steam support page post.

    This means no more updates, security patches, or playing your favorite 32-bit titles.

    This marks the end of an era for retro gaming on Macs. Those nostalgic classics that ran seamlessly on your trusty Mojave machine will be relegated to the digital graveyard.

    But Steam still supports a plethora of fantastic 64-bit games on macOS.

    So, back up your saved files and consider an upgrade. If your Mac is feeling its age, a new one might open up a new world of gaming possibilities.

    You should also dust off your old discs and see if you can get those 32-bit gems running on alternative platforms.

    1. Macbook Air Goes Fanless With Thinspace Cooling!


    Image credit: Apple

    Frore Systems, San Jose, California startup, has developed a solid-state active cooling chip called the AirJet Mini.

    They recently equipped an M2 15-inch MacBook Air with three of these chips & achieved MacBook Pro-comparable performance during sustained heavy workloads.

    The AirJet Mini is a tiny, thin chip that uses solid-state piezoelectric actuators to vibrate and push heat away from the CPU.

    This contrasts traditional laptop fans, which spin & blow air with blades.

    One of the benefits of solid-state cooling is that it doesn’t make any noise. Additionally, it could allow for laptops with more powerful components.

    However, there are also some potential drawbacks. Solid-state cooling may be less efficient than traditional fans for cooling laptops under extreme workloads. Additionally, it can be more expensive.

    1. Millions Face Email Delays and Outrage This Week


    Gmail users around the globe were left frustrated this week as two separate outages caused delays in email sending & receiving.

    These issues, occurring on Thursday & Friday, left many users wondering if their messages were delivered.

    On Friday, the problem seemed focused on sending emails, with many reporting their messages disappearing or failing to deliver.

    These outages caused significant disruption, particularly for the users relying on Gmail for critical communication.

    Social media platforms were flooded with complaints from users expressing their concerns and searching for answers.

    Google acknowledged the issue in the work status dashboard & apologized for the inconvenience of the service. They suggested contacting Google Workspace for direct support.

    1. Google Search To Help Users in India Learn English with New ‘Personalized Feedback’ Feature


    Google is about to a new feature that will help users learn English.

    The new feature, “Personalized Feedback,” will give users Feedback on their English-speaking skills, grammar, & vocabulary.

    Personalized Feedback uses Google’s speech recognition technology to analyze a user’s spoken English.

    Users can also use Personalized Feedback to practice speaking English with a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor will ask users questions and provide feedback on their responses.

    The feature is currently available in beta. Google plans to roll out the feature to all users in India in the next few days.

    1. Google’s AI Experiment To Create Music With Over 100 Instruments


    Image credit: Google

    Google has unveiled a new AI experiment called Instrument Playground, allowing users to create music inspired by over 100 instruments worldwide.

    This innovative tool is powered by MusicLM, a text-to-music AI system that can generate high-fidelity music in any genre given a text description.

    You can select from various instruments and add an adjective to your prompt to shape the results.

    Once you’ve chosen your instrument, the AI will generate a 20-second audio clip based on your selection.

    The fun doesn’t stop there! You can take control of the composition using three key elements:

    You can also adjust the atmosphere from ethereal and spacious to dense and immersive.

    Once you’re happy with your composition, you can download it and share it with the world.

    Instrument Playground is a playful and accessible way to experience the power of AI in music creation.

    1. Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 Introduces New Content To The Games!


    Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, brings new content to the games.

    So, get ready to take on some of the toughest enemies ever seen in Fortnite, like the Herald and the Scientist.

    These bosses will drop powerful loot, so bring your A-game.

    You’ll be able to build your own Lego creations in-game or explore pre-made Lego worlds. There’s even a new Lego skin that you can unlock.

    The legendary Metal Gear Solid character Solid Snake is joining the Fortnite roster!

    Chapter 5 also brings a brand-new island to explore.

    In addition to all of this, there are many other new features in Chapter 5, like new weapons, vehicles, and gameplay mechanics.

    Closing Thoughts

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