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    What is WhatsApp Flows?

    Know How to Automate Your WhatsApp Marketing with WhatsApp Flows!
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    Meta announced WhatsApp Flows and other sets of new features for WhatsApp Business on September 20 this year.

    Whatsapp Flows is an automation tool to provide businesses with richer in-chat experiences.

    Read through this article to know what WhatsApp Flows is and how it works.

    What is WhatsApp Flow?

    Meta constantly adds new features to WhatsApp, like WhatsApp Channels, creating polls, sending disappearing messages, and using multi-device support.

    WhatsApp Flow is the latest announced feature that offers powerful communication for building an in-chat experience with customers for seamless business interactions.

    This tool can automate tasks like booking train seats, ordering meals, and booking appointments.

    Logging in to the accounts, customizing products, filling up and submitting forms, or signing up for promotions or events.

    The most exciting part is you can do all these without leaving your chat.

    WhatsApp Flows is a bit different from Salesforce Flow and Microsoft Power Automate automation tools.

    Third-party chatbots power these tools, but there is no need for chatbots in WhatsApp Flow, and they can be used for a variety of tasks.

    How Does Whatsapp Flow Work?

    Following the steps above, you can use WhatsApp Flows to improve customer service, generate leads, and boost sales.

    To use WhatsApp Flows, you must be a WhatsApp Business Platform user.

    Once you can access the API, you can use various tools & platforms to create and manage your flows.

    How Can You Use Whatsapp Flows?


    Design your flow. What do you want your flow to achieve? What steps do you want your customers to take?

    Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can start designing your flow.

    Then, select a tool or platform and start creating your flow.

    This typically involves adding elements like text messages, quick replies, and branching logic.

    Test your flow. Before you publish your flow, testing it thoroughly to ensure it works as expected is essential. You can do this by sending test messages to your WhatsApp number.

    Publish your flow. Once you are happy with your flow, you can publish it so your customers can interact with it.

    How Whatsapp Flows Can Be Used? 

    Here is a general view of the basic things done in businesses using WhatsApp Chat.

    Customer Support

    WhatsApp Flows can be used to provide automated customer support. For example, you could create a flow that answers frequently asked questions or helps customers troubleshoot problems.

    Direct Purchase and Payments Services


    WhatsApp Flows can be used to sell products and services.

    With WhatsApp Flows, you can easily complete your purchase directly from the chat.

    You can add items to the cart & choose a payment method to complete the procedure.

    Meta Verified Business


    WhatsApp Flows helps businesses to receive Meta verification that should confirm to the customers that they are chatting with the right business.

    To be verified by Meta, the businesses should demonstrate their authenticity to Meta.

    Meta will send them a verified badge impersonation protection and enhanced account support in return.

    Generate Leads

    WhatsApp Flows can be used to generate leads. For example, you could create a flow that collects customer information or offers a free consultation.

    Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

    1. How does WhatsApp Automation Work?

    WhatsApp Automation automates specific tasks or interactions for business customer communication on WhatsApp.

    It is used in businesses for streamlining communication, increasing efficiency, and providing personalized experiences.

    1. How does WhatsApp differ from WhatsApp API?

    Unlike WhatsApp App, WhatsApp API supports unlimited devices and users. Businesses can send notifications to their customers using APIs.

    1. How to automate a WhatsApp Chat?

    To automate WhatsApp chat, open WhatsApp and click on the Automation button from the bottom.

    Click on the + icon from the top right corner and select the Create Personal Automation option.

    Wrapping Up

    We will update you soon after we receive further information about WhatsApp Flows and other new features.

    So, stay connected and keep commenting!

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