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    WhatsApp to Integrate AI Editing To Help with Photos Directly in Chats

    Meta AI is getting a major upgrade on WhatsApp, giving users new ways to interact with their photos. Read to know in details.
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    WhatsApp is reportedly planning to release an update soon allowing Meta AI to edit and reply to images sent by users, following the introduction of the Undo Delete for Me feature.

    WABetainfo spotted this new feature in the Beta version

    The feature is expected to be incorporated soon into the stable build.

    According to the report, WhatsApp is testing this feature that allows WhatsApp users to share photos with Meta AI for editing and analysis.

    This functionality offers a wide range of exciting possibilities. You can send a photo to Meta AI and ask it to identify a specific feature in the picture or request edits, such as changing the background or adding text.

    Users can control their edits by providing specific instructions and maintaining complete ownership of their images. They also can delete them at any time.

    This latest feature is currently in Beta testing, but it has the potential to enhance WhatsApp’s photo experience significantly.

    The update goes beyond just the basic editing capabilities. WhatsApp is also exploring the ability to generate AI images based on user selfies.

    By sharing a set of photos, Meta AI can analyze your appearance and create new images based on the prompts you give.

    This personalized approach ensures the generated images accurately reflect the user’s choices.

    You also have the option to delete your setup photos for added privacy. To activate this feature, you’ll type “@Meta AI imagine me” in a chat. This makes it easily accessible.

    However, you should also note that both editing and image generation features are likely to be optional, allowing users to choose their level of engagement with Meta AI.

    With these advancements, WhatsApp is becoming a more versatile platform for photo sharing and creative exploration. However, MetaAI does not possess the capability to read texts in chats and the resulting photos are generated automatically.

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