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    Windows 11 24H2 Exclusively Available for Copilot+ PCs at Launch

    Windows 11 24H2 is released to the users but it is only avaialble for Copilot+ PCs! Read for details.

    Windows 11 version 24H2 is currently available for Copilot+ PCs, specifically for those with Snapdragon X-series chips.
    The update remains in preview status for most compatible PCs and is not officially available.
    With this update pre-installed, Microsoft and other major PC manufacturers are releasing their first wave of Copilot+ PCs.
    As a result, you now have a bifurcated Windows 11 install base – one group is running 24H2—the Arm-powered minority—and the other group is still on version 23H2.
    Microsoft has yet to make any official announcements or provide specific details about the rollout of Windows 11 24H2, but most PCs are expected to receive the update later this fall.
    The Copilot+ features won’t be available on the existing PCs, but they will benefit from other OS improvements. Intel and AMD PCs that meet hardware requirements should have access to the Copilot+ features.
    AMD’s Ryzen AI chips are anticipated to support these features starting in July of this year. However, neither Intel nor AMD has confirmed when they will enable these features in software.
    Notably, the x86 version of Windows lacks the hidden Copilot+ features found in the Arm version.
    The Recall feature, part of Copilot+, aims to remember user activity and transform it into searchable memories.
    This Recall faced security and privacy issues when released to the public without Windows Insider testing.
    Researchers identified vulnerabilities that could expose a user’s Recall database and detailed screenshots of their activities.
    As a result, Microsoft decided to delay Recall and committed to testing it publicly in Windows Insider builds.
    The company plans to reintroduce Recall to Copilot+ PCs in the coming weeks to address security concerns.
    Apart from Copilot+ features, the main system requirements for Windows 11 remain unchanged.
    However, some older unsupported PCs may be unable to boot 24H2 due to CPU compatibility requirements. If your PC meets the necessary criteria, this update’s new features and enhancements will benefit you.

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