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    Xiaomi 14 Ultra Introduces Six-Blade Mechanical Iris in Camera Design

    Xiaomi 14 Ultra introduces Six-Blade Mechanical Iris
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    Xiaomi 14 Ultra makes waves with its unique camera setup, which is similar to the classic camera aesthetics. Here are the details.

    Design and Aesthetics

    The Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s design aims to get the look and feel of a real camera. The back features a faux-leather wrapping with 35 mm film cameras. The “Leica” branding adds to the camera-like allure.

    The rear panel is crafted from “vegan leather,” a specially treated plastic material. The circular camera lens design subtly echoes traditional camera lenses.

    Camera Hardware

    The six-blade mechanical iris integrated into the main camera lens is the standout feature. Like a traditional camera, this tiny iris can open and close to adjust the aperture, allowing for precise control over the light entering the lens.

    The six blades create a variable aperture, enhancing the camera’s versatility. Users can achieve stunning depth-of-field effects and capture well-exposed photos even in challenging lighting conditions.

    Camera Kit

    Xiaomi offers a “Professional Camera Kit” for photography enthusiasts. This kit enhances the phone’s camera experience, making it feel more like a dedicated camera.

    The kit includes –

    Mounting Ring – Attaches around the camera bump, allowing users to add lens covers or camera filters.

    Clip-On Camera Grip Attachment – Provides physical camera controls, including a two-stage shutter button, a record button, a two-way zoom lever, and a customizable dial. It also houses a 1500 mAh battery.

    While the camera kit enhances aesthetics, Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s lens is smartphone-sized. The real magic is in the six-blade iris mechanism.


    The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts these specs –

    Display – 120 Hz, 3200×1440 OLED with curved edges.

    Processor – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC.

    Memory – 16GB RAM, 512GB storage.

    Battery – 5000 mAh with 90 W wired “HyperCharge” (0–100% in 33 minutes) and 80 W wireless charging (0–100% in 46 minutes).

    The Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s camera theatrics, including the six-blade mechanical iris, elevate the smartphone photography experience. While it may not replace a dedicated camera, it adds nostalgia and creativity to mobile photography.

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