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    This Week in Tech! August 04, 2023

    This series dives deeper into a wide range of tech news with expert analyses and thought-provoking opinions.
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    Hey there! Here are some noteworthy things that happened in the tech realm this week.

    Google Introduces Robotic Transformer 2

    Google DeepMind has developed a robot called Robotic Transformer 2, or RT-2, that simple language commands can control.

    The purpose of creating RT2 is to develop general-purpose robots that can navigate human environments like C-3PO or WALL-E. The new AI model can translate vision and language to robotic actions, essentially giving LLP models a physical body.

    RT-2 is trained to utilize a large language model, the technology behind the ChatGPT, and generalize the tasks that Robots have never been trained to do.

    For example, RT-2 can find and throw away the trash, even if it was not trained for this purpose.

    Although the RT-2 robots are showing great ability to adapt to the new challenges, there are certain limitations the developers need to work on, like they cannot perform actions that it has yet to practice physically.

    RT-2 is still under development but can revolutionize how we interact with robots. 

    Apple requires app developers to justify using certain APIs

    apple iphone 14 new api justification rule-min

    Apple has announced (1) a new requirement for app developers. From now onwards, the Developers need to explain using specific APIs that can be used for fingerprinting.

    This Fingerprinting technology will help to track the users across multiple websites and apps.

    The APIs that the developers should justify while looking at system boot times or seeing file timestamps.

    As per Apple, these APIs can be misused to access the users’ devices.

    So, the developers should provide a legitimate reason while using the APIs, and the reasons should be consistent with the functionality of their developed apps.

    This new requirement from Apple is a way ahead to protect the users’ privacy. Now, it will be more difficult for developers to track the users across the websites they visit without their consent.

    Mark Zuckerberg: Threads users down by more than a half

    meta threads follower drop featured image-min

    Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the Twitter rival Threads has lost over half its users. 

    Launched last month, Threads crossed 100 million users within a week of its launch. In a call to his employees, Zuckerberg addressed the situation as “normal” and said he aims to improve retention rates once Threads adds more features to its arsenal.

    “If you have more than 100 million people sign up, ideally, it would be awesome if all of them or even half of them stuck around. We’re not there yet,” he said. 

    Chris Cox, the chief product officer, has directed Meta staff to focus on adding “retention hooks” to bring the lost users back to its platform.

    Western Digital Hits 28TB HDD Capacity; Seagate Aims for 30TB and Beyond!

    WD hard disk external 28gb

    Seagate has announced the 32TB heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) hard drives.

    These kinds of hard drives use lasers for heating the disk platters while writing, which increases the capacity of the disk without an increase in size.

    Still, the developers will be working on the capacity. Western Digital is developing the sample 28TB hard drives based on PMR/CMR & SMR technologies.

    Western Digital uses ePMR or energy-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording that can increase the capacity of holding data for up to 24TB, and that too on a single drive.

    SMR technology boosts the capacity of the drives up to 28TB. WD CEO David Goeckeler recently said that even 30TB & 32 TB SMR drives can be possible. WD is still working on the HAMR-capable drives, but the company does not think they will be out till late 2025.

    Seagate expects to ship its first 32TB HAMR drives before 2025, and it has talked about testing 50TBHAMR drives in its lab.

    Google Revamps Its Assistant with AI Capabilities

    google app on smartphone featured image-min

    Google Assistant will soon get the Bard and ChatGPT-like generative AI capabilities.

    As per AXIOS, a leaked email to Google employees revealed Google’s intention to overhaul the assistant’s mobile version to get AI support.

    The email states that Google is going to focus on using a large language model or LLM technology to enhance its product experience.

    The approach is going to affect both the developers as well as the consumers.

    The report says that Google is reshuffling its Google Assistant team.

    Google Assistant is already using AI assistance for Google Lens to recognize images, live translate, and for digital shopping.

    With the Generative AI powered by LLM, Google can add more features for users connected across smartphones, smartwatches, speakers, televisions, and cars.

    Lenovo Enters The Market of Handheld Games

    Good news for the PC gamers! Windows Central has disclosed that Lenovo is reportedly working on its handheld gaming device for Windows 11 PC, known as Legion Go.

    This new gaming device, powered by a Ryzen chip, is said to have a display of 8 inches.

    The source says that there are at least possibilities that Legion Go will make it to the store shelves. Earlier, Liliputing leaked a preview that Lenovo’s handheld, Lenovo Legion Play, was never launched.

    As per Windows Central’s report, the design of Legion Go can have similarities with Legion Play.

    But Lenovo’s spokesperson clarified in an email that the company does not comment on any speculation or rumor about its unannounced products.

    Closing thoughts!

    The tech industry continues to push the boundaries of what was once thought possible, and these exciting developments have far-reaching implications for our daily lives and the future of humanity. Come back here next week for more exciting stories from the tech industry.

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