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    Best Google Podcast Alternatives

    Embark on a quest to find some exciting alternatives to feed your audio obsession!
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    In the realm of podcasting, Google Podcasts has reigned supremely well for a fair amount of time and has been a successful staple platform for millions of listeners worldwide.

    However, in April 2024, Google Podcasts discontinued its service, prompting users to look for an alternative to satiate their podcast listening needs.

    After the users bid farewell to the Google Podcasts service, a wave of alternatives emerged, each offering a compelling set of unique features that enhance the podcast listening experience. These alternatives gained popularity quickly and offer enhanced features and a user-friendly interface.

    So, join us on this journey through the top Google Podcast alternatives that have surfaced since Google Podcasts’ closure.

    5 Best Google Podcasts Alternatives In 2024

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    Parting ways from a familiar app with a curated playlist can be disheartening. Fortunately, some fantastic podcast apps are waiting to be discovered.

    In this podcasting adventure, we will help you explore the top contenders that will allow you to experience the joy of a new podcasting platform.

    Let us now embark on a quest to find some exciting alternatives to feed your audio obsession, where a wealth of audio content and immersive listening experiences await.

    1. Pocket Casts


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    Pocket Casts is an excellent alternative to Google Podcasts and has many features and customization options. It is praiseworthy due to its intuitive interface and robust set of features.

    This podcast player app is designed for podcast listeners and is available for Android and iOS devices. Pocket Casts is a feature-rich and user-friendly app for podcast enthusiasts that supports integration with devices such as Android Auto, Chromecast, Alexa, and Sonos, providing a seamless listening experience.

    The wide variety of features caters to listeners and entices them by managing both new and existing podcasts. Despite being a premium app, it offers a free trial for users.

    The excellent features mentioned below impact the listening experience more than ever before.


    • Human-curated recommendations that help find new podcasts
    • Playback customization
    • User-friendly interface
    • Variable playback speed
    • Custom filters and organized playlists
    • Offline Listening
    • It can be synced across all devices
    • Multiple themes

    Ultimately, this powerful podcast platform offers the next level of listening experience and is versatile enough to catch the audience’s attention. So, join the Pocket Casts club and enjoy the immersive experience of enjoying podcasts on any imaginable topic.

    Platform: Android and iOS

    Cost: Paid for extra features

    2. Spotify


    Spotify is undoubtedly the most popular podcast streaming device. It allows users to listen to millions of podcasts, albums, songs, and audiobooks. An upgraded premium version allows the user to use additional features.

    This leading music streaming platform has much to offer and has become a go-to destination for all podcast enthusiasts. Its easy, user-friendly interface, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations make browsing, searching, and discovering new podcasts easy.

    Spotify has a library of over 80 million songs and 4 million podcasts. Also, it offers a creation platform for podcasters that provides tools for hosting, creating, editing, and distributing podcasts for free.

    Here are some of the features that collectively make Spotify for podcasters a good platform for creating podcasts as well as for listeners.


    • Vast podcast library
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Download songs and podcasts for offline listening
    • Compatible with a wide range of smart speakers and other devices
    • It can be accessed through a web player on desktop computers
    • Audio enhancement features such as noise cancellation and voice optimization technologies
    • Playlist integration
    • Episode queuing and playback speed adjustment
    • Interactive features such as question answers and polls
    • Podcast previews

    Spotify can be considered a comprehensive platform for music and podcast listeners and creators. Therefore, it can be viewed as a compelling alternative to Google Podcasts for users looking for a comprehensive podcast listening experience.

    Platform: Android and iOS

    Cost: Premium for ad-free listening to music

    3. Apple Podcast


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    Apple Podcasts, formerly known as iTunes Podcasts, is one of the most widely used platforms for discovering, subscribing to, and listening to podcasts.

    This audio streaming and media player application was developed by Apple Inc. and was launched in 2012.

    Apple Podcasts is a feature-rich platform for podcast enthusiasts and includes a wide range of tools specifically designed to enhance users’ listening experience. It also has an Apple Watch app that helps users control playback and podcasts.

    So, here are some of the features that enhance the podcast listening experience:


    • Extensive podcast library
    • User-friendly experience
    • Cross-platform syncing
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Download and offline listening
    • Playback controls and smart playlist
    • Podcast analytics

    Apple Podcasts has carved a significant place in the podcasting industry. It offers a vast directory of shows, transcripts, and tools, significantly contributing to podcasts’ overall growth and popularity. We can term it a convenient option that caters to a wide range of listeners for podcasts on Apple devices.

    Platform: iOS only

    Cost: Free

    4. Overcast


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    Overcast is widely known for its clean interface and innovative features. This powerful, user-friendly app boasts a wide variety of features that help to get the most out of your listening experience. Overcast is worth checking out if you want an alternative to the Google podcast.

    Overcast is mainly known for its high-quality audio playback, customizable playlists, and intelligent speed feature, which adjusts the playback speed. Overall, it is a popular podcast player app with rich and loveable features that make it stand tall for podcast listeners and podcasters.


    • Faster speed without distortion
    • Voice boost
    • Cloud storage
    • Episode Queuing
    • Enhanced audio control
    • Privacy features
    • Podcast Directory
    • Offline Listening
    • Sleep timer
    • Variety of customization options

    Overall, this sleek design and user-friendly interface, along with its innovative features, deliver a range of tools and functionalities that enhance the podcast listening experience. Marco Arment developed it, and it is a top choice for all podcast enthusiasts looking for an alternative.

    Platform: iOS only

    Cost: Free

    5. Podcast Addict


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    Podcast Addict is specifically designed for Android devices and boasts a wide range of features. This versatile and feature-rich podcast player app is an excellent option for Android users. It includes extensive discovery tools, playback customization options, and a well-rounded listening experience.

    Podcast Addict caters to casual listeners and avid podcast enthusiasts and has gained immense popularity among users looking for a comprehensive podcast listening experience.


    • Vast podcast library
    • Customizable playlists
    • Offline Listening
    • Auto download and sync
    • Integrated news reader
    • Live radio streaming
    • Playback controls
    • Cross-platform syncing
    • Playback history
    • Backup and restore

    Overall, it is a comprehensive platform for Android users to discover, subscribe to, and enjoy podcasts. Its robust listening experience makes it a top choice for users looking for a comprehensive podcast app with vivid functionalities and features.

    Platform: Android and iOS

    Price: Premium for ad-free listening and cloud storage

    Which Is The Best Google Podcasts Alternative?

    There are a few best alternatives to Google Podcasts since it depends entirely on your priorities and preferences. Ultimately, the best alternative should align with your podcast listening habits and preferences.

    Extensive Customization – Pocket Casts

    Most controlled playback speed, audio effects, and interface themes

    Integration with Music Streaming – Spotify

    Blends podcasts with existing music library

    Users Who Need Unique Features(iOS) – Overcast

    Features like voice boost and brilliant speed enhance listening.

    Free Features and Extensive Customization(Android) – Podcast Addict

    Free audio trimming and filters

    Users Who Wants To Simplify(Apple) – Apple Podcasts

    Integrates with Apple devices and offers curated collections


    After you bid farewell to Google Podcasts, explore the vibrant world of alternative podcast apps and enhance your listening experience.

    With a bit of exploration, you will soon be able to discover new and hidden gems.

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