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    Logitech Introduces AI-Powered Mouse with Dedicated Button

    Logitech Brings in AI-Powered Mouse Button. Read For Details.
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    Logitech brings in Logi AI Prompt Builder. Thus, it is a tool designed to streamline interaction with AI, such as ChatGPT.

    This new innovative system will have a dedicated button on its upcoming mouse or keyboard, which should offer users a much more convenient way to utilize AI’s capabilities.

    The Logi AI Prompt Builder goes beyond from just providing access to ChatGPT. The unique feature has some preset “recipes”. These recipes will perform common tasks that help users prompt it.

    Rephrasing paragraphs and summarizing lengthy documents henceforth will become much easier and more convenient.

    Users can utilize these recipes by clicking the AI button and selecting the text. Then AI will generate the required content.

    This development is undoubtedly a significant step towards integrating AI into daily computing experiences.

    The dedicated button on Logitech mice provides a convenient way to interact with AI tools. This should boost the productivity and creativity of the users across various fields.

    This mouse is only available in the US and UK for $49.99 or £54.99 via Logitech’s online store.

    However, the good news is you don’t necessarily need this special edition mouse.

    The Logi AI Prompt Builder is a part of Logitech’s Logi Options Plus software. This means one doesn’t need to have the one-click dedicated button.

    Currently, Logi AI Prompt Builder understands only English. However, Logitech is now actively working on expanding compatibility with other chatbots. This commitment to growth suggests a versatile tool that can easily adapt to the user needs and preferences.

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