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    Apple Lets Retro Games on the App Store

    Apple welcomes Retro Game Emulators on App Store! Read for details.
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    Apple has recently updated its App Store guidelines to allow retro game emulators. However, it is only accessible to some!

    Previously, it introduced new App Store Policies for Streamlined Streaming and Pocket-Sized Play.

    The recent change is that the apps designed to emulate retro consoles can be submitted to the App Store. This allows you to play classic games from bygone eras on your iPhone or iPad.

    While emulators can be listed, there’s a catch regarding game downloads. Apple requires developers to ensure all games offered within their emulator apps comply with the applicable laws. This means emulators cannot directly facilitate downloading copyrighted ROMs or digital copies of game cartridges.

    While the emulators are legal, acquiring copyrighted ROMs without permission is tricky. So, it would be best to stick to the legal options to avoid trouble.

    What are Retro Game Emulators?

    Retro game emulators are software programs that allow you to play old-school video games on modern devices, such as your PC.

    You can rejuvenate your nostalgia for playing classic games from consoles like the Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Sega Genesis by using an emulator instead of hunting down physical copies.

    Once an emulator is installed, you can run game files or ROMs designed for those old consoles. These ROMs contain the game data.

    With retro game emulators, you can play classic games on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

    What Can We Expect From Apple’s New Guidelines?

    Now, it remains to be seen how developers work on this restriction. Some might offer curated libraries of licensed games within their emulators, similar to console marketplaces.

    Alternatively, emulators could focus on open-source or public-domain titles that are free to use.

    Despite the limitations, Apple’s policy change is a step forward. It acknowledges the growing interest in retro gaming and provides a potential avenue for users to enjoy classic titles on their Apple devices.

    For now, wait to expect a seamless retro gaming experience on iOS. You’ll likely need to find ROMs from legitimate sources, which can be difficult.

    However, this policy change opens doors for future developments and could lead to a more robust and user-friendly retro gaming scene on Apple devices.

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