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    Android 15 Supports Satellite Messaging and a Foldable Cover App 

    Android 15 lets phones send messages via satellite and optimizes apps for foldable phone cover screens
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    The latest buzz around Android 15 surrounds two key features – satellite messaging and foldable cover app support. 

    Satellite messaging is a game-changer for users who frequently find themselves in remote locations without cell service. 

    With Android 15, your phone can automatically switch to a satellite network, allowing you to stay connected. 

    While details about specific satellite service providers and subscriptions remain unclear, the core functionality of sending and receiving messages via satellite is built into the OS. 

    This should enhance reliable communication in almost every corner of the globe. 

    The developer preview shows a glimpse into the user experience, with a new notification system that appears when the phone connects to a satellite network. 

    A status bar icon is about to keep you informed as well. The app developers now create messaging apps designed to work with satellite connections. 

    This opens doors for potentially feature-rich experiences beyond basic texting, although satellite messaging seems limited to pre-installed messaging apps for functionalities like RCS or Rich Communication Services.

    Foldable phones are another area where Android 15 promises improvements. The second developer preview introduced enhanced support for the smaller cover screen on these devices. 

    This translates to a more seamless interaction with apps. Developers can now design apps specifically for the cover screen, allowing you to perform essential tasks and access information without unfolding the phone. 

    Whether you’re checking the weather, replying to a quick message, or controlling music playback, the cover screen becomes a functional phone extension.

    Here are the key points of the features:

    Satellite Messaging

    • This feature was revealed in the second developer preview of Android 15 
    • Android 15 can automatically switch to a satellite network for messaging when your phone loses regular cell service.
    • You’ll likely need a separate subscription for this satellite service, but the OS will now support sending and receiving messages through satellites.
    • It allows users to stay connected in remote areas where cell service is unavailable.
    • The developer preview shows a new notification system when the phone connects to a satellite network. There’s also a status bar icon.
    • The app developers can now create messaging apps that work with satellite connections. However, only pre-installed messaging apps can utilize richer features like RCS (Rich Communication Services).

    Foldable Cover App Support

    • This feature also showed up in the second developer preview.
    • It improves how apps interact with the smaller cover screen on foldable phones.
    • Developers can now design apps specifically for the cover screen, allowing for more functionality without unfolding the phone.
    • This should enhance the usability of foldable phones by making them more convenient for quick tasks and interactions.

    While the developer preview gives us a taste of what’s to come, it’s important to remember that the final features and functionalities might change before the official release of Android 15. 

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