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    15 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

    Here are 15 of the best Minecraft parkour servers that you shouldn’t miss. Each server offers unique parkour experiences, challenges, and a chance to test your skills.
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    If you are searching for some of the best Minecraft parkour servers, here are some of the best ones you can explore for an exhilarating jumping experience.

    Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft jumper or a newbie looking to leap into action, these servers offer heart-pounding challenges, creative maps, and a chance to showcase your parkour skills.

    List of 15 Top Minecraft Parkour Servers

    Experience these assorted parkour servers listed as your gateway to adrenaline-pumping parkour experiences!

    1. OPBlocks Minecraft Server


    OPBlocks is a vibrant and dynamic Minecraft server that stands out for its diverse game modes, catering to various player preferences.

    OPBlocks is popular for its engaging parkour challenges, and it supports versions from 1.8 to the latest, ensuring broad accessibility for players12.

    The jumping experience on OPBlocks is enriched by the server’s unique features, such as a candy-themed prison, custom enchantments, and exhilarating boss fights.

    OPBlocks offers popular modes like PvP, SkyBlock, and Pixelmon, each with a dedicated following.

    Whether you’re a parkour enthusiast or enjoy various Minecraft activities, OPBlocks promises an enjoyable and fulfilling gaming experience. With its bedrock support and a solid player base, it’s a server that caters to both competitive and casual gamers.

    Minecraft Java Edition IP:

    Bedrock Edition IP: (Port 19132)

    1. Jumpcraft Server


    JumpCraft Parkour is the ultimate destination for Minecraft parkour enthusiasts.

    It is one of the best Minecraft servers in 2024, with over 800+ courses; JumpCraft is the largest parkour network in the United States, offering various maps that cater to all skill levels.

    Players can enjoy intricate obstacle courses, challenge maps, and rewards, with new content added daily, establishing it among the 10 best Minecraft parkour servers.

    The server features 12+ rank-up courses, dropper maps, and four difficulty levels, ensuring a comprehensive parkour experience.

    JumpCraft’s dedicated community and the thrill of progression make it a standout choice for players looking to test their agility and precision in Minecraft parkour, featuring various 1.20 updates.

    Java IP:

    1. Mineplex Server


    Mineplex is a renowned Minecraft server that offers a thrilling experience with various custom-designed maps and challenges.

    Known for its large and active community, players can enjoy competing and collaborating in parkour mini-games anytime.

    The server features a robust backend, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience across our Minecraft network. With leaderboards and rankings, Mineplex encourages a competitive spirit among players.

    Its parkour courses are meticulously crafted to be challenging yet achievable, providing endless entertainment for parkour lovers.

    Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, Mineplex’s parkour server is a fantastic playground for all.

    Java IP:

    Bedrock IP:

    1. Mox MC Parkour Minecraft Server


    Mox MC is a good Minecraft servers in 2024 that offers a diverse and engaging experience.

    This server features various custom-built parkour maps designed to challenge & entertain players of all skill levels.

    The server is celebrated for its frequent drop parties, custom rank-up rewards, and a token shop that enhances the gameplay.

    Mox MC provides a seamless parkour adventure with a fast connection and high uptime.

    It’s also voted as one of the best servers, reflecting its popularity and commitment to quality. Whether you’re a parkour novice or an expert, Mox MC is a thrilling place to play.

    Mox MC IP address:

    1. Advancius Network Server


    Advancius Network is a Minecraft survival server that prides itself on creating a fair and engaging gaming environment.

    It offers over 100 free ranks and over 20 game modes, including parkour, factions, and survival.

    The server is known for its community events every weekend and a rank system that rewards skill and hard work. With a high uptime and fast connection, Advancius Network ensures a quality experience for all players.

    It supports cross-play, allowing gamers from various platforms to join and enjoy the fun. The server’s commitment to a non-pay-to-win model makes it a popular choice among Minecraft enthusiasts.

    The server ensures fast connection and high uptime, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

    Advancius Network IP –

    1. Minr Server


    Minr is among the oldest and most esteemed Minecraft parkour servers, renowned for its challenging and diverse courses.

    Established in 2010, it boasts over 600 hand-built maps, including parkour, puzzles, and mazes.

    The server is public, with no allowlist, and stands against pay-to-play models, ensuring an equitable gaming environment for all players.

    Minr’s Hardcore System, consisting of 16 challenging courses, is a testament to its dedication to the parkour genre, making it a must-visit site in the 1.20 Minecraft server. With a supportive community and a commitment to fairness, Minr offers an unparalleled experience that is both rewarding and accessible on this leading multiplayer server.

    Minr IP: – A premiere destination in the Minecraft server list for hardcore parkour challenges.

    1. ManaCube Server


    ManaCube is a prominent Minecraft server that offers an extensive parkour section with over 1000 courses.

    These courses range from easy to expert, providing challenges for players of all skill levels.

    The server is known for its weekly global events, tournaments, and constant updates, ensuring something new exists to explore.

    With a strong community and various game modes, ManaCube is an excellent place for casual and competitive parkour players.

    The server’s IP is, making it easily accessible for anyone looking to join the fun.

    Whether you’re a parkour novice or a seasoned expert, ManaCube offers an engaging platform for all players.

    Java IP:

    Bedrock IP: (Port: 19132)

    1. Snapcraft Parkour Server


    Snapcraft is a multifaceted Minecraft server network that offers various game modes, including a parkour section.

    With a selection of custom parkour courses, each progressively more challenging, Snapcraft caters to players looking to test their agility and speed in various Minecraft game modes.

    The server promotes community interaction, rewarding active participation with vouchers on this engaging Minecraft multiplayer server.

    Snapcraft supports it supports version 1.18, making it accessible to a broad audience.

    Snapcraft’s commitment to providing a diverse and engaging Minecraft experience makes it a noteworthy choice for players.

    Snapcraft IP:  

    1. Mineverse Server


    Mineverse is a well-established Minecraft server that has been captivating players since 2013.

    With over 3 million players joining, Mineverse offers a top-notch gaming experience.

    The server features a variety of game modes, including KitPvP, OP PvP, Skyblock, Creative, Parkour, Survival, Infection, BedWars, and Space Prison.

    The parkour mode in Mineverse starts at Level I and challenges players to progress through each level up to Level 24, focusing on vertical ascension and overcoming obstacles.

    Playable on versions 1.8 to 1.17.1, Mineverse merges classic play with innovative experiences, making it a diverse and engaging server for all Minecraft enthusiasts

    Java IP: – Connect to our SMP and Minecraft network for a unique experience.

    Bedrock IP:

    1. Play In A Box Server


    Play In A Box is a creative Minecraft parkour server that offers players the unique opportunity to design their parkour maps.

    With over 100 parkour maps available, it provides players with diverse parkour content and challenges to enjoy.

    The server supports various modes, including survival and PVP, but its standout feature is the community-driven content.

    Players can tackle existing courses and share their creations, adding a personal touch to the parkour level.

    This server is perfect for those who love building as much as playing.

    Play In A Box IP:

    1. Parkour Craft Server


    Parkour Craft is one of the popular Minecraft servers that offers an array of parkour maps for players to tackle.

    Despite being a smaller server, it provides a cozy and engaging community for parkour enthusiasts.

    With 100 levels set in a ten-by-ten area, players can enjoy a variety of parkour experiences under what appears to be daylight but is night.

    The server rewards players with in-game currency for completing maps, adding an extra layer of motivation.

    It’s an excellent place for those who enjoy a more intimate setting to practice and perfect their parkour skills.

    Parkour Craft IP: – A 1.19 compatible play parkour destination.

    1. Triumphia Server


    Triumphia is one of the best parkour Minecraft servers. It caters to both Java and Bedrock players, offering a rich gaming experience focusing on parkour.

    The server boasts over 100+ parkour courses, allowing players to compete and hone their skills. In addition to parkour, Triumphia provides classic survival gaming (SMP), returning to the roots of vanilla Minecraft.

    A fast connection and uptime of 99% ensure a reliable and smooth user experience.

    The server allows various Minecraft versions, from 1.7 to 1.201. Whether you want to master parkour or enjoy a nostalgic survival mode, Triumphia offers an engaging platform for all players.

    Triumphia Server IP:

    1. UltimisMC Server


    UltimisMC is a server where users will complete diverse gaming experiences, with parkour being one of its standout features.

    The server provides a variety of modes, including BedWars, Survival, and SkyPvP, but parkour enthusiasts will find a home in its dedicated courses.

    The server boasts a 100% uptime, ensuring players enjoy uninterrupted gaming on this top multiplayer server.

    UltimisMC is accessible to a broad player base. The vibrant and welcoming community makes it an excellent place for competitive play and casual fun.

    Java IP:

    Bedrock IP:

    1. Renatus Server


    Renatus, an excellent Minecraft parkour server, boasts a rich history within the parkour community for the best playing experience.

    Its custom-made maps, mini-games, and dedicated staff make it a good choice for beginners and seasoned players.

    The server offers unique custom maps, including a sprawling dungeon and a multiverse.

    Players can immerse themselves in extensive courses, spending hours mastering the challenging maps.

    Beyond parkour, Renatus features additional mini-games like Survival, Creative, and a distinctive Battlegrounds mode. And if you conquer the parkour maps,

    Java IP:

    Bedrock IP: (Port 25848)

    1. The Cyclone Network Server


    The Cyclone Network is a Minecraft server that guarantees the best thrilling experience and various other modes.

    Known for its parkour, duels, survival games, skywars, bedwars, build battle, and team games, it provides a comprehensive gaming environment.

    The server runs on version 1.16 and above, ensuring compatibility with newer versions of Minecraft. With a focus on Minecraft community and competition, The Cyclone

    The Cyclone Network IP:

    Closing Thoughts

    So, there you have it! Each parkour server offers a unique Minecraft experience.

    Consider factors like difficulty level, variety of courses, community, stability, and additional features while choosing a server.

    So, explore various Minecraft servers that are available and find the one that best suits your parkour style. Happy jumping! Join our Minecraft server list for endless fun.


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