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    Best Planets For Outposts In Starfield

    Check out the 10 best planets for outposts in Starfield!
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    Choosing the best planets for outposts is a crucial and time-consuming decision that greatly impacts your gameplay experience.

    With a plethora of systems and planets, this seems to be a daunting task, as each offers unique resources and environments. Hence, selecting the best one requires a lot of strategy and a bit of wisdom on your part.

    So, let us embark on a journey to find the best planets for establishing your outposts in Starfield, taking into account factors like resource availability, safety, and strategic location.

    What Is An Outpost In Starfield?

    In Starfield, an Outpost is a modular base or settlement that the players can easily build, modify, and adjust to fit their needs within the game. Outposts play a crucial role in resource gathering and crew management and also enhance the player’s exploration and gameplay experience in the vast universe of Starfield.

    It offers a variety of uses, such as:

    • Resource Acquisition
    • Crafting and Research
    • Crew and Storage
    • Landing Pad and Personal Hub

    Factors To Consider Before Building A Starfield Outpost

    There are several factors to consider to ensure a successful and efficient outpost construction process:

    Resource Availability

    Look at the resources available on your planet and then determine whether they are necessary or required for the construction of your outpost.

    Planetary Conditions

    The planet’s temperatures play an essential role in constructing the outpost. So, take note of the planet’s temperature before proceeding with the outpost construction.

    Outpost Purpose

    Defining the purpose of the outpost is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter whether it is for resource generation, research stations, extra storage, or any other functionalities to tailor the construction to meet specific objectives.

    Crew Management

    Assign crew members to manage the outpost efficiently and ensure they are well-equipped with the necessary skills and resources for optimal performance.

    Storage And Infrastructure

    Go ahead and plan the storage containers, extractors, power resources, and other infrastructure components to support the resource harvesting and outpost functionality.

    Best Starfield Outpost Locations

    What planets should you be looking to build your outposts on? Read through the guide and find out the answer to your question.

    1. Kreet


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    Kreet is one of the planets in Starfield, an ideal location for establishing a perfect outpost in the game. It offers a distinctive advantage and challenges that contribute to the diverse gameplay experiences available in Starfield.

    This is a rocky moon with low gravity that orbits the planet Anselon in the Narion star system and is the first planet that you fly in the beginning hours of Starfield. It has an optimal temperature and a relatively calm environment. The players can discover iron, silver, lead, and Argon resources.

    Kreet’s convenience lies in its location, as it is at the starting point of the game’s main story, thereby making it readily accessible. So, with its accessibility, abundant resources, and manageable dangers, Kreet tends to be a prime location and secure outpost in Starfield.

    System: Narion

    Resources: Iron, Silver, Lead, and Argon


    • Rich in valuable resources
    • Early game advantage
    • Provides opportunities for mining and resource extraction
    • Prime location within the galaxy
    • A unique environment for scientific research and exploration


    • Environmental challenges
    • Technological limitations
    • Security risks

    2. Callisto


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    Callisto is the moon that orbits Jupiter in our solar system, and players are entitled to early access to this outpost in Starfield. It is rich in resources like helium-3 and iron but lacks a breathable atmosphere. Although the conditions aren’t extreme here, the temperatures fluctuate. With proper precautions, it is possible to establish a functional outpost.

    Since the resource deposits contain high concentrations of Helium-3 and Iron, you need to place your outpost strategically to maximize resource extraction. So, if you are planning to build an outpost here, plan carefully, take advantage of the valuable resources present there, and establish a base in the earlier stages.

    System: Sol

    Resources: Helium-3 and Iron


    • Easily accessible in Solar system
    • Abundant water resources
    • Low radiation level
    • Unique geological features provide opportunities for scientific research


    • Frozen planet with no breathable atmosphere
    • Limited biodiversity
    • Weak gravitational pull

    3. Zamka


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    Zamka is the moon that orbits the gas giant Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system and is a prime contender for the outpost in Starfield. It boasts diverse resources such as iron, copper, water, helium-3, nickel, uranium, cobalt, and vanadium. It has an uncomfortable temperature but isn’t hospitable enough. It is frozen, surrounded by chemical water, and utterly devoid of life.

    Zamka’s wealth of resources, manageable environment, and strategic location make it a highly attractive option for an early outpost in Starfield. However, it is not a convenient choice for those who want to chill, relax, and explore.

    System: Alpha Centauri System

    Resources: Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium


    • It provides a strategic advantage due to its location within a system
    • Appealing to players due to its unexplored potential


    • Hazardous environment
    • Unforeseen competition for resources or land claims
    • Setting up an outpost here is resource-intensive

    4. Procyon IV


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    Procyon IV is a rocky planet and a viable location for building an outpost as it has easy access and resource gathering. The temperature is very cold, and the air has a high nitrogen concentration, making it a barren planet. Water, nickel, uranium, and cobalt are the resources that are required for basic needs and upgrades.

    Procyon IV is primarily rocky terrain with frozen plains and deserts, so it might not be the most visually inspiring place to set up a home base.

    System: Procyon A

    Resources: Water, Nickel, Uranium and Cobalt


    • Access to valuable resources
    • Opportunity for exploration and potential rewards
    • Ideal location for a trading post or refueling station


    • Lack of plant and animal life poses challenges for sustaining outpost operation
    • A harsh or inhospitable environment
    • Remote location results in isolation and dependence

    5. Maheo II


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    Maheo II, the frozen planet in the Maheo star system, boasts various valuable resources such as water, helium 3, copper, iron, lead, and alkanes. The exclusivity of the planet lies in the fact that it consists of two rare resources: Tetrafluorides and Ytterbium. Building outposts in this location is pretty straightforward, but specific challenges are related to the weather conditions. The freezing temperature and frozen thunderstorms can indeed be challenging, but for those who are looking for a thrill in acquiring rare resources, Maheo II is a rewarding location and a habitable one.

    System: Maheo

    Resources: Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, Alkanes, Tetrafluorides, Ytterbium


    • Boasts of some wealthy resources
    • Rich in Helium-3
    • It is a strategic location for those who are seeking a steady supply
    • Allows for accessible and abundant collection


    • Harsh temperature conditions
    • Additional protection required for crew
    • Limited ability to explore

    6. Andraphon


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    Andraphon, a moon around the planet Sumati in the Narion system, is known for its abundance of resources, making it a strong contender for making an outpost in Starfield. Iron, aluminum, and helium make it an excellent choice for setting up outposts.

    Certain players have recommended areas where biomes converge, which is beneficial since it will allow you to access resources from both sides.

    Andraphon caters to various resource acquisitions, so it is essential to plan your outpost layout and staffing differently, but overall, it is an excellent choice for players who enjoy exploration and want a well-rounded outpost operation.

    System: Narion

    Resources: Aluminium, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3 and Iron


    • Diverse landscape
    • Multiple resource-rich zones
    • Strategic outpost placement
    • Offers more flexibility


    • It needs time and exploration to find the optimal location
    • Needs planning and management for diverse resource acquisition

    7. Cassiopeia I


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    Cassiopeia is a rocky planet located in the Eta Cassiopeia star system. It is an Earth-like planet with a temperate climate, making it a prime target for building outposts. The hospitable environment and abundant resources, such as water, chlorine, copper, nickel, fluorine, and cobalt, make it an excellent choice for colonization.

    System: Eta Cassiopeia

    Resources: Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Fluorine and Cobalt


    • Hospitable environment
    • Earth-like climatic conditions
    • Abundant resources


    • Damaged due to the space battle during the Colony War
    • Navigational hazard due to the scattered remnants of the battle
    • A popular target for players, hence highly competitive

    8. Tau Ceti II

    tau ceti-ii

    Image Credit

    Tau Ceti II is in the Tau Ceti star system and is known for its rarer and more valuable resources, such as Ytterbium and Tetrafluorides.

    Other available resources include water, Argon, iron, benzene, and alkanes. This has a frozen temperature with harsh conditions, and there is generally a lack of hospitable areas. The oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is much lower, but it has a temperate temperature that makes the planet hospital to some extent.

    System: Tau Ceti

    Resources: Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene and Alkanes


    • It boasts deposits of some precious resources
    • Rich in helium-3
    • Guarantees a steady supply of your starships or trade


    • Brutal temperature conditions
    • The crew will need proper shelter and spacesuits to survive the harsh environment

    9. Eridani II


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    Eridani II is a rocky planet situated in the star system. Eridani’s weather conditions are breathable and house many resources like water, chlorine, copper, nickel, iron, fluorine, cobalt, and gold.

    The comfortable conditions and a good balance of resources make it an excellent choice for building outposts. The temperature is similar to Earth’s and is a well-developed area within the Starfield universe.

    Overall, it is a solid choice, a potentially profitable outpost in Starfield, and a good choice for players who prefer a balanced approach.

    System: Eridani

    Resources: Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Fluorine, Cobalt and Gold


    • Temperate climate
    • A healthy mix of resources
    • Well-developed area within the Starfield universe


    • It doesn’t house the rarest and most expensive materials
    • Higher competition for resources or land claims

    10. Leviathan IV


    Image Credit:

    Leviathan IV is inside the Leviathan star system, and the temperature there allows easy and comfortable access. Despite having a rocky base, it is rich in iron, water, chlorine, aluminum, copper, fluorine, and ytterbium.

    It offers advantages, disadvantages, and challenges for outpost construction. It has a slightly lower gravity than Earth, translating into a more comfortable working environment for your crew. Hence, it is a good choice for players who prioritize a relaxed and hassle-free environment for their crew.

    System: Leviathan

    Resources: Water, Chlorine, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Fluorine, Ytterbium


    • Breathable atmosphere
    • Pleasant weather conditions
    • Availability of a decent variety of resources


    • Limited exploration
    • No major trade goods

    Which Is The Best Planet For A Starfield Outpost?

    The best planet for your Starfield outpost will depend mostly on your play style and priorities.

    But here is a summary that will prevent you from being indecisive:

    • Ideal For Resource Hunters:

    Maheo II and Tau Ceti II

    • Ideal For Comfort Seekers:

    Cassiopeia I and Leviathan IV

    • For A Balanced Approach:

    Eridani II

    • For High Risk And High Reward:


    • For Alternative Approaches:



    By strategically selecting planets based on resource diversity, environmental conditions, and gameplay objectives, players will successfully optimize their experience in Starfield. Ultimately, the ideal planet for establishing outposts will depend on the specific goals and priorities of the players.

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