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    This Week In Tech! August 21, 2023

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    Here is what’s happening in the tech industry this week.

    1. Meta to Launch A Web Version of Threads

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    Mark Zuckerberg recently posted about launching a web version of Threads soon.

    This new move comes as Threads has been struggling to retain users since its launch in July.

    Threads is exclusively designed for close friends and family to share text, photos, and video content with a selected group of people.

    However, Threads has not yet become as popular as Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). Over 100 million users have downloaded it, but only a tiny fraction is active regularly, whereas X has more active users. 

    The web version’s launch is expected to boost the app’s popularity. 

    Meta also plans to add some extra features to Threads to make the app more appealing, like a search function and a mention button. 

    The launch of the web version of Threads and the addition of new features is a sign that Meta is still committed to the app. However, it remains to be seen whether these changes will be enough to make Threads a success. 

    2. Twitch to Let Streamers Block Banned Users from Watching


    Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, is rolling out a new feature during a Patch Notes stream to let its streamers block the banned users from watching their streams. 

    If a user is banned from Twitch, they can still watch the stream. This can raise a problem for the other streamers who are being stalked or harassed by the banned users. 

    The new feature will allow the streamers to remove the banned users from watching their streams.

    “We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years, to be honest, that people want their channel bans to do more,”  said Trevor Fisher, Twitch’s senior product manager of community health. 

    To improve the privacy and safety of other streamers, Twitch is adding an extra tool that will allow the streamers to report abuse and harassment directly to the company.

    The new feature to block banned users is a welcome addition to Twitch, and it is a step in the right direction to improve the safety of other streamers.

    3. CrossOver 23 adds DirectX 12 support for Mac


    Codeweavers, the company behind the CrossOver compatibility layer, has released CrossOver 23 for Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS. 

    This new version introduces a number of improvements, including support for DirectX 12 on Mac.

    DirectX 12 is an entirely new version of Microsoft’s graphics API. It offers a number of efficiency and performance improvements over DirectX 11. 

    With the new update, Mac users can now run Windows games and apps that need DirectX 12. 

    CrossOver 23 also includes some other improvements, like

    • Easy uninstallation of applications
    • Support for languages and fonts
    • Improved performance for games & apps that require Vulkan to run
    • Support for transform feedback and geometry shaders on macOS Ventura

    Customers with active support entitlements will be prompted to upgrade to the new Crossover 23 version, but they can alternatively download it from

    4. Red Dead Redemption’s Barebones PS4 and Switch Ports Underwhelm Fans

    The long-awaited ports of Red Dead Redemption to the  Nintendo Switch and PS4 are finally here, though they are proving to be a disappointment to some of its fans. 

    The ports are just a straight conversion of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, with no support for 60fps or visual improvements.

    The ports run at 1080p on the PS4 & Switch and 4K on the PS4 Pro & Xbox One X. 

    They lack some of the features added to the game in later releases, like the Photo Mode & the ability to travel fast.

    The fans hoping for a more comprehensive remaster will likely be disappointed with the Switch ports of Red Dead Redemption.

    5. WhatsApp Introduces HD Photo-Sharing Feature 


    WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for Android and iOS users that allows them to send high-definition images to each other. It is available on the latest version of the app.

    To send HD photos, you will have to select the photo and tap on the “HD” button. You will soon get the option to either choose standard quality or high quality.

    If you choose to send the photo in HD, it will not be compressed much, thus resulting in a higher-quality image. 

    However, sending photos in HD can use more data; ensure you are not on a limited data plan.

    To check if you have the latest version of the app, open WhatsApp Settings > Help > App Version.

    6. Lenovo To Launch AR Glasses for Handheld Gaming Consoles.


    Lenovo may launch Legion Go, its upcoming handheld gaming console with AR glasses, as reported by Indian Express. It is said to run on Windows 11 and is designed like a Nintendo Switch.

    However, there is no official announcement on the fact, but there are rumors that Lenovo may launch the AR glasses with Legion Go at IFA 2023.

    These AR glasses will be suitable for wearing during long gaming sessions and comfortable for wearing daily.

    The glasses are designed with a USB C port at the bottom, so they will not have built-in batteries. 

    It is still unclear how much these AR glasses will cost, but as per the report, they can be priced similarly to the recently launched Rog Ally.

    Closing Thoughts

    Always keep yourself updated with the latest news from the tech world. So, stay tuned with us and come back next week for more news updates.

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