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    Whatsapp Brings A New Era Of Security And Convenience With Passkey Support

    Passkeys streamline the process for users, requiring only their face, fingerprint, or PIN to unlock and gain access to their WhatsApp accounts.
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    WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has introduced impressive features in the past months, like WhatsApp Flows and WhatsApp Channels.

    Recently, it has rolled out Whatsapp passkey support for Android users. It has recently been announced on the X platform.

    This new feature offers a more secure & convenient way to log in to your WhatsApp account without passwords or SMS-based two-way authentication.

    What are WhatsApp Passkeys?

    Passkeys are a new authentication credential designed to be more secure & convenient than traditional passwords.

    These passkeys are based on public-key cryptography. That means they are unique to each device & cannot be stolen or shared.

    To use a passkey, you must have a device that supports passkeys with a biometric authentication method enabled, like – fingerprint or facial recognition.

    When you sign in to your WhatsApp account with a passkey, you must authenticate your identity with your biometric sensor.

    How To Set Up Passkeys On WhatsApp for Android?

    To set up passkeys on WhatsApp for Android, follow the steps given below:

    Ensure you have a device that supports passkeys & a biometric authentication method enabled.

    • Open WhatsApp & tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
    • Head to Settings > Account > Passkeys.
    • Tap on the Create a Passkey option.


    • The next window will inform you that WhatsApp will use your information.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your device’s lock screen to WhatsApp.

    You will get the option to connect the device’s screen lock. This will allow WhatsApp to use the existing password or PIN.

    • Choose the type of passkey you want to create: PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint.

    Once you have created the passkey, you can log in to WhatsApp.

    Benefits Of Using Passkeys With WhatsApp

    Here are the benefits of using passkeys with WhatsApp:


    Passkeys are more secure than traditional passwords because they are more difficult to steal or crack.

    Passkeys also resist phishing attacks, as they cannot be entered into an app or website that is not a legitimate WhatsApp app.


    Passkeys are more convenient than passwords because you do not need to remember or type them.

    You can authenticate your identity with the biometric sensor to sign in to WhatsApp.


    Passkeys are more private than SMS-based 2FA because they do not require you to share your phone number with WhatsApp or any other third-party service.

    Wrapping Up

    So, WhatsApp passkey support is a more secure & convenient way to log in to WhatsApp without the need for passwords or SMS-based 2FA.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us in the reply section.

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