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    Dark Urge Revealed – The Final Playable Origin Character Brings More Choices for Players

    Baldur's Gate 3 reveals Dark Urge - a new, completely customizable origin character. Start with a character that has no recollection of its past - just an insatiable urge for violence and cruelty. The Dark Urge origin story is filled with murder and death, with important morale choices on whether you succumb to the urges or resist them.
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    As the launch date appears close, Baldur’s Gate 3 is shaping to be one of the most captivating storylines ever. And now, you can play the game through the eyes of another pre-authored origin character, Dark Urge.

    Revealed in the final stages of the community-driven murder mystery – Blood in Baldur’s Gate, Dark Urge is unlike any of the other origin characters in the game. While the launch portrayed the character as a White Dragonborn, the character is completely customizable. 

    The new community update revealed that players can select the character during the Character Creation section of the game, and customize almost every aspect of the character, including race, class, appearance, gender, and overall build. The Dark Urge origin is also not linked with any of the other companions in the game. 

    Gameplay of the Dark Urge

    The Dark Urge is an Origin character and cannot be recruited as a companion in the game.

    When you select the character during the Character Creation part of the game, you can customize everything related to the character. The story of the character will include a sinister narrator voice, which narrates various negative thoughts the character experiences.

    These impulses will affect the way the character behaves in the game. The cutscenes will be different, and so will the dialogues and exclusive items. 

    If you play with the Dark Urge, make sure to enjoy every cutscene and character interaction available, as your interactions will be completely different to those of the other players.

    Brian Bowles, the narrator of Divinity: Original Sin 2, returns as Sceleritas Fel, the vile and loyal servant to the Dark Urge. Fel is a mysterious character that fuels Dark Urge’s lurid acts of violence and we will learn more about him in the days to come.

    Sceleritas Fel in Baldur's Gate 3
    Sceleritas Fel will inspire the Dark Urge to remember their dark past and indulge in violence | Image credit: Larian Studios

    Can You Resist the Evil Choices?

    Unlike any other origin character in the game, the Dark Urge will have its own unique cutscenes and dialogues that will be inspired by your choices.

    It is completely up to the player if they want to give into the “dark urges” or resist them. This can definitely lead to some unique interactions in the multiplayer mode between your character’s dark urges and your friends’ character’s game choices.

    Also, as the game claims, there is no plain Evil or Good path. There are choices, consequences, and personal evolution of the character.

    An example of this was shown in the Panel from Hell showcase, when the player loots the goblin bodies during the scene. The narrator reminds the player how the sight and smell of blood brings pleasure to the Dark Urge. It is up to the player to either let the smile sink in, push the smile away, or remember the last time they stood atop a corpse.

    BG3 new origin character revealed
    Image Credit: Larian Studios

    With the Dark Urge, you are given unique choices and scenarios specific to the character. As you dive into the origin, you will get more insights on what causes these twisted thoughts, allowing you to experience the dark counterpoint of the game’s main storyline.

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    Benefits of Playing as the Dark Urge

    With Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios has become the enablers of wild, unspoken desires. With the Dark Urge, the developer opens the gate to unique additional cutscenes, interactions, dialogues, and results to the actions that you choose. 

    Players will be thrown into various scenarios and interactions, where players can project their personalities and beliefs towards their created characters. In some scenarios, the “dark urges” might save you and your team, or even turn the tides of the game in your favor, allowing you to use these ominous actions to your advantage.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 releases on PC on August 3rd and will be available on Steam. The PlayStation release date is set at September 6th, with a three day early access.

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